We loved it so much, It was beautiful Sunset

October 8th 2021

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Jun 21 ~ Jun 27

The Activity we Experienced

What we chose to do

We loved it so much, It was beautiful Sunset

How did you discover this activity?

I searched for activities to do in Destin and I came across a catamaran ride. We wanted to go out and throw flowers out in memory of our dad that passed away and thought that would be perfect!

When did you book your tour compared to the departure date?

We booked two months before arrival.

Why did you choose this activity?

This was the perfect opportunity to go out and throw flowers out in memory of our father that passed away last year. He was a navy seaman and was buried at sea but we didn’t get to be there so we were able to do this as a memory. It was beautiful and peaceful.

How did you get to the activity location?

The directions that Captain Karl sent were easy! He even sent a photo of the dock and he came out and met us on the dock.

What was your experience with the activity’s staff?

Amazing!!! Captain Karl was absolutely the best! He even called me right after I booked the event and we talked through the occasion and that we could do flowers instead of letting balloons go (because balloons are bad for the sea turtles when they come back down to earth), and he talked about how we can come to a stop at sunset and we could toss the flowers out. It was perfect! His wife Doti was so sweet as well. They seem to work so well together. Quite the team!

Highlights or memories you and your group will take from the trip?

We loved it so much and we all said this was the highlight of our whole trip to Destin. We all want to do this again with Captain Karl and Doti. Captain Karl stopped the boat and faced it towards the sunset so we could toss the flowers into the water in memory of our dad. It was beautiful and we were able to just stop and reflect on some memories. That was our highlight. But we also loved just the peacefulness of getting to ride on the front and also in the back, sitting on the hammock. It was so stinkin cool!!

Would you recommend this activity to another group like yours? Why or why not?

Oh yes! We would defintely recommend! I mean, WE plan on doing it again!!



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