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Destin Crab Island Tours & Activities

A day spent enjoying Destin Crab Island tours & activities is sure to be one for the books. Whether you’re looking for an exciting way to spend time with family, or simply want to explore everything this amazing destination has to offer, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy obstacle courses and floating bars, or take the plunge and go snorkeling. The emerald waters will leave you entranced as you watch the abundance of marine life that inhabits these beautiful waters.
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Featured Crab Island Tours & Activities in Destin

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Apr 17 - Apr 23

Crab Island Sandbar Adventure by The Original Cruisin’ Tikis

348 ratings
3 Hrs.
Climb on a floating tiki bar for a truly unique Crab Island sandbar adventure. Enjoy a seat at the bar as you journey the sparkling Gulf waters on your way to Crab Island. Enjoy swimming and fun activities in this on-the-water hotspot as you soak up the tropical sun. Don't miss the fun, book your Crab Island Sandbar Adventure Tour today!
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Booked 5 times in last 48 hrs

Captained Double-Decker Pontoon with Slide Charter for up to 6 guests

102 ratings
3 - 8 Hrs.
Enjoy an epic day of carefree cruising around Destin, Florida aboard your very own captained pontoon boat charter. Experience the bustling Destin Harbor and enjoy ample, comfortable seating, as well as dual-decks, expert navigation, and so much more! Cool off with a splash using the onboard slide or hang out on the lily pad and chill to the max. The sky's the limit with this Captained Double-Decker Pontoon with Slide Charter for 6 Guests MAX. Book yours today!
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All-Inclusive Captained Pontoon Charter (for up to 6 guests)

64 ratings
3 - 8 Hrs.
Relax in luxury aboard your All-Inclusive Captained Pontoon Charter for up to 6 guests max. Experience the sights and sounds of beautiful Destin Harbor as you enjoy ample and comfortable seating, expert navigation, and so much more! The sky's the limit with this all-inclusive charter unlike any other, but be sure to book early so you don't miss out!
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Crab Island Excursion & Swim Aboard The Crab Island Runner

204 ratings
3 - 3.5 Hrs.
Get out on the water in gorgeous Destin, Florida on The Crab Island Runner, a multi-passenger U.S. Coast Guard certified 27-passenger tour boat. Head out to locally treasured Crab Island, a stunning sandbar in the middle of the most beautiful emerald green and aqua blue water you have ever seen. Crab Island is one of the most sought after destinations in Northwest Florida, so see for yourself what the hype is all about, join your captain and crew aboard The Crab Island Runner for a chartered trip to the popular sandbar in Destin, Florida.
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3 Hour Crab Island Adventure Tour

121 ratings
3 Hrs.
Cruise to Crab Island aboard a fully covered 45-foot Trident pontoon and sightsee the beautiful scenery, see the sparkling hues of emerald and aquamarine water, and maybe even see a friendly dolphin or two as you make your way through the Choctawhatchee Bay and Destin Harbor. Anchor down at the local sandbar and enjoy relaxing and playing around in the water with friends and family. Don't miss the boat! Book your 3 Hour Crab Island Adventure Tour today!
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Booked 3 times in last 48 hrs

Crab Island Catamaran Swim & Chill

73 ratings
2 - 6 Hrs.
Hop aboard the Key Cat, a 26-foot power catamaran for an adventure to remember! Join your guide, a 5th generation Florida native with extensive knowledge of Destin, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Cruise the Destin Harbor in search of dolphins and other marine life and then stop at a local hotspot, Crab Island to lay back, relax and live life as the locals do. Choose to paddleboard, snorkel, chill with a drink in hand, and relax with no worries. Don't miss out, book your All Inclusive Private Crab Island Catamaran Swim & Chill today!
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Booked 3 times in last 48 hrs

Crab Island Catamaran Excursion from Destin Harbor

759 ratings
4 Hrs.
Cruise to the popular hangout Crab Island aboard a comfortable catamaran. Chill out and play in the pristine, sparkling waters while the crew takes care of everything. Bring your favorite beverages and water toys to enhance the experience. Meet and greet with fellow boaters and explore all the exciting things to do. This trip is the perfect alternative to renting a boat, or those not experienced enough to drive a pontoon boat. Book your catamaran excursion today!
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3 Hour Crab Island and Dolphin Tour

305 ratings
3 Hrs.
Cruise around the Destin Harbor searching for dolphins and other local marine life then head out to the popular hangout, Crab Island aboard a comfortable 48-foot pontoon boat. Bring your favorite snacks and beverages and chill out and play in the sparkling water while your crew takes care of everything. Meet and greet with fellow boaters and explore all the exciting things to do. So get ready to bask in the sun and let the good vibes at Crab Island flow while the captain and crew take the wheel. Don't miss out, book your adventure today!
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Crab Island Excursion and Dolphin Tour

40 ratings
4 Hrs.
Get ready for a Crab Island Excursion and Dolphin Tour departing from Fort Walton Beach, Florida! This adventure begins aboard a state-of-the-art 2023 vessel, a USCG-certified boat with a capacity of 49 passengers. As you cruise atop the mesmerizing emerald-green water, keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and more. Dive into the crystal-clear water of Crab Island, relax on a float, or stay on the catamaran and bask in the warm Florida sun. The options are endless! Sit back and relax while the captain and deckhand make sure all your needs are accommodated. Don't miss out on this unforgettable journey to Crab Island! Book yours today!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

Crab Island Tiki Excursion

24 ratings
3 - 4 Hrs.
Experience the beauty of Destin, Florida's Emerald Waters, and the famous Crab Island Sandbar aboard a Tiki Pontoon Boat. With a captain and first mate, this USCG-approved boat welcomes up to 16 passengers. Perfect for bachelorette parties, family gatherings, birthdays, or individuals seeking relaxation. Indulge in the stunning scenery while unwinding on deck. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, explore marine life, or simply soak up the sun. Join this unforgettable journey to Crab Island, where relaxation and enjoyment meet the natural splendor of Destin's Emerald Waters, book your spot today!
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Booked 10 times in last 48 hrs

Dolphin Exploration Tour Aboard The Crab Island Runner

51 ratings
1.5 - 2 Hrs.
Hop aboard The Crab Island Runner for an exciting adventure discovering sea life in Destin, Florida. Your Captain and crew will navigate you and your group through Crab Island, exploring the grass flats of the Choctawhatchee Bay to look out for bald eagles, ospreys and more wildlife along the shoreline. Depending on the daily marine report, you will cruise south through Destin’s East Pass along to the Gulf of Mexico. This informative eco-tour by water is sure to bring a smile to your face and memories to last a lifetime, so don't miss the boat, book now!
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Destin Private Crab Island Charter

4 ratings
4 - 8 Hrs.
Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Crab Island with a licensed captain leading the way. Relax and unwind on a 15-foot lily pad, surrounded by water toys that add to the excitement. Feel the rhythm of your favorite tunes resonating through the air as the complimentary Bluetooth speaker sets the perfect atmosphere. Prepare to be amazed as you navigate through Destin Harbor, East Pass, Crab Island, and Choctawhatchee Bay, all while enjoying a small dolphin tour that brings you face-to-face with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Take an all-inclusive journey where the star of the show is the enchanting Crab Island, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime. Book today!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

Destin Crab Island Adventure

1 rating
3 Hrs.
Climb aboard for a short yet thrilling boat ride to the renowned Crab Island, an iconic sandbar and vibrant hub of excitement! Nestled among emerald green waters, this hotspot attracts a flotilla of boats and floating eateries, offering everything from tantalizing BBQ to refreshing coconuts and even ice cream. Imagine pure relaxation and fun without the hassle of renting your own boat. Your expert captain and crew ensure a seamless experience as you bask in the shallow, crystal-clear waters of Crab Island. Don't miss your chance, book your fun-filled day today!
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Daytime Harbor Sightseeing Tour by The Original Cruisin’ Tikis

40 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Hop aboard a floating tiki bar for a truly unique sightseeing adventure. Ideal for those looking for a laid-back experience like no other, bring your favorite snacks and beverages and relax as you cruise through the aquamarine waters of the Destin Harbor. Grab a seat at the tiki bar that floats and witness some breathtaking sights to remember. Book your Destin Harbor Tiki Sightseeing Cruise today!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

All-Inclusive Captained Pontoon Charter in Destin (for up to 16 passengers)

54 ratings
Cast your worries aside and immerse yourself in all-day fun with this All-Inclusive Captained Pontoon Charter. Paddleboard and explore to your heart's content or just relax in luxury as you experience beautiful Destin Harbor from the lower deck of the pontoon. Make a splash in the gorgeous water around you, swim around, or lounge on an inflatable. Regardless of what you choose on this all-inclusive day, you will enjoy yourself as you soak up the warm Florida sun! Reserve this charter today!
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Queen's Chariot Pontoon Charter

15 ratings
4 Hrs.
Hop aboard the Queen's Chariot Pontoon in Destin, Florida and discover the true meaning of free time. Admire the natural beauty around you as you glide across the beautiful emerald and aquamarine water. Lookout below for mesmerizing marine life such as dolphins, rays, fish, and maybe even sea turtles as your captain navigates. Spend some quality time with your family and friends at Crab Island or just hang out and relax on the pontoon, listening to your favorite songs with the gentle waves rocking you back and forth. This is true bliss. Book your Queen's Chariot Pontoon Rental today!
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Crab Island Cruise

4 ratings
3 Hrs.
Get ready for a day of fun out on the water around Destin, Florida's famed Crab Island with this island experience! Take in the sights and sounds as you cruise along the Intercoastal waterway and the Choctawhatchee Bay towards the famous submerged Crab Island. Frolic and play around in the waist-deep gorgeous emerald water. Feel the sun on your face and enjoy a perfect day surrounded by family and friends. Book your experience now!
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Private Destin Afternoon Bachelorette Cruise

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4 Hrs.
Embark on some afternoon fun when you hop aboard this Bachelorette adventure to remember! For up to 18 people in Destin, cruise the Gulf of Mexico's sparkling emerald water, go on a search for playful dolphins, spend time at Crab Island soaking up the sun, and more! See the sights on a tiki boat adorned with vibrant decorations and comfy seating, perfect for a day on the water. Blast your favorite tunes and have some well-deserved fun with your crew. Elevate your trip with a playful photo shoot with entertaining props to add a touch of whimsy to your memories. Book your Private Destin Afternoon Bachelorette Cruise today for some fun in the sun!
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3 Hour Crab Island and Dolphin Cruise

2 ratings
3 Hrs.
Embark on a 3-hour Crab Island and Dolphin Cruise in Destin, Florida, featuring a Crab Island trip and a thrilling dolphin excursion. Climb aboard a spacious 22-passenger touring boat, the ultimate vessel for group adventures, and share fun with friends and new acquaintances alike. Dive into the clear emerald water and snorkel around, hop on a paddleboard and glide across the water, or relax on floating lily pads. Don't forget to keep your eyes out for playful dolphins as they frolic in the water. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, this 3-hour Crab Island and Dolphin Cruise guarantees an unforgettable day on the water for everyone. Book your spot today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a captain that will drive the boat?

This is completely up to you whether or not you've choose a chartered boat or a pontoon boat rental. Some Crab Island pontoon rentals will provide a captain for an additional fee. But if you're interested in a Captain for your tour, try a Crab Island excursion or shuttle vs a Crab Island boat rental.

2. What is the difference between Crab Island and Shell Island?

Shell Island is in panama city and is an actual small island. People visit Shell Island to collect shells, tan, and swim. On the other hand, Crab Island is located in Destin, and a sandbar in the bay. People anchor their boats and swim, or enjoy one of the many attractions or floating restaurants around the sandbar.

3. Can i take alcohol to crab island?

Yes, as long as you're 21+ with photo ID and no glass bottles. There are Coast Guard boats that cruise around the sandbar, so be sure to control your consumption and prevent anyone under 21 from drinking alcohol. Also, BWI (Boating While Intoxicated) is a very real consequence of drinking and operating a boat, so drink responsibly. Lastly, be sure to bring a trash bag for your trash as well!

4. Is Crab Island kid friendly?

Crab Island is always kid friendly. Depending on what time of the year you come (college spring break for example), Crab Island can be more of an adult hangout, with drinking and loud music. Lots of bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and other rowdy events take place on Crab Island daily, but this doesn't mean you can't still bring the kids. People are generally respectful, and Crab Island is a large sandbar with lots of areas to park your boat or hang out. Lots of kid friendly activities and attractions are available around the sandbar, making it one of the best things to do in Destin with kids. You're sure to see other families around at any given time. Keep in mind that some areas of the sandbar have deeper waters and stronger currents than others. Make sure to have life jackets on-hand, and keep a close eye on the kids!

5. Is it better to rent a pontoon or do a crab island excursion with a captain and other people?

This question is asked a lot. If you don't mind sharing personal space with others or you're looking to save money, go with the Crab Island excursion, cruise, or Crab Island water taxi. If you want to bring your own food, beverages, floats, etc., and you know how to get to Crab Island, we recommend renting a pontoon boat as they allow more room for personal items. Also with a boat rental, you'd be your own captain and could explore the bay areas after your visit to Crab Island. Many folks take their Destin boat or Destin jet ski rental to cruise the harbor, bayous, and expansive shoreline of the bay while enjoying activities like fishing and swimming.


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