10 Romantic Date Ideas in St. Petersburg, FL for Couples

October 11th 2023
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10 Romantic Date Ideas in St. Petersburg, FL for Couples

The gorgeous Gulf Coast city of St. Petersburg, FL, makes for the perfect destination for couples looking to spice up their relationship. With equal amounts of relaxing activities and adventurous attractions, the area offers all types of options to make for the best possible vacation.

Make sure to check out all the date ideas in St. Petersburg, FL, to book the perfect experiences to do with your special someone. Check out TripShock’s favorite romantic activities below!

Table of Contents

  • Boat Tours
  • Paddleboarding
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Professional Photographs
  • Craft Beer Tasting
  • Dolphin Cruises
  • ZooTampa and the Florida Aquarium
  • Jet Ski Rentals and Tours
  • Fishing
  • Windsurfing



1. Boat Tours


romantic cruise in st petersburg
In a recent Traveler Story, one couple explains just how unforgettable boat tours in St. Pete can be


There are few things more romantic than taking a cruise along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. Taking a cruise has to be one of the best date ideas in St. Petersburg, Fl because of all the different options you have!

Whether you want to put on that fancy cocktail dress or that new tie for a sunset dinner cruise, or you would rather dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow for a daytime pirate-themed cruise, St. Petersburg has an option that is perfect for your next date!

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2. Paddleboarding


paddleboard tours in st petersburg
Pictured above is a paddleboard tour with Urban Kai in St. Pete


You might not think of romance when you think of paddleboarding, but there’s something to getting on the water yourself that can bring out a real sense of adventure. Learning to paddleboard, or just doing this fun activity in a new city if you are already an expert, is a perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

Paddleboarding is one of many great date ideas in St. Petersburg, FL because you can choose to go on a paddleboarding tour where you are in a large group that is led by a narrator/instructor or you can simply rent a board for the afternoon and see where the water takes you!

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3. Helicopter Tours


helicopter tour in st petersburg
Seeing the Gulf Coast from above is an experience like no other


Who wouldn’t want to get over their nerves of riding in a helicopter for the first time with their significant other? There’s something so bonding about trying something new together, especially if it might be a little more adventurous than you usually go for.

Helicopter tours come in all lengths, but mostly range from 30 minutes to an hour. Regardless of what you choose, you will get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Gulf Coast flying right above St. Petersburg, FL.

{Read Reviews & Book St. Petersburg Helicopter Tours Online}


4. Professional Photographs


professional photography in st petersburg
You will always want to remember your romantic getaway, and professional photos are a great way to ensure that you do


If you and your special someone have been together for a decent amount of time, you might want to document such a special trip. The best way to keep your memories safe is with some professional photographs on the beach!

It would be a great surprise to your other half to have a photoshoot with a beautiful backdrop. Go ahead and mix things up a bit on this trip, by getting all dressed up and striking some unforgettable poses together!


5. Craft Beer Tasting


craft beer tasting in st petersburg
Craft beer tasting is not only a fun activity for couples, but also one of many great things to do on a rainy day in St. Pete


For most people, any vacation includes some letting loose. A great way to do that and also get a taste of the local scene is to go craft beer tasting!

Every city has a different way of brewing their signature beers, and St. Petersburg, Fl is no different! If you love trying new beers, than look no further than craft beer tasting for a great afternoon pick-me-up!


6. Dolphin Cruises


dolphin tour in st petersburg
Seeing dolphins jumping and flipping out the water, is sure to spark the playful side of your date


When a lot of people think of going to Florida, they think of dolphins. Make sure to not miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime by going on a dolphin cruise on your next romantic vacation!

You will get to ride the waves in style on a boat with a crew who are experts at finding dolphins playing in the water. You will get see dolphins in their natural habitats and learn all about these amazing creatures. You may even get to see some baby dolphins on your voyage!

{Read Reviews & Book St. Petersburg Dolphin Cruises and Tours Online}


7. ZooTampa and the Florida Aquarium


tampa zoo and aquarium
An adventure together through the local zoo and aquarium on your next vacation is just what the doctor ordered


Learning about the animals that call our planet home is an excellent date idea no matter what city you are in, but it is definitely one of the many great date ideas in St. Petersburg, FL. Just a short trip down the road, you will find Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park and the Florida Aquarium.

The zoo and aquarium would be perfect places to spend an afternoon together if there was some bad weather or you just needed to escape the sun for awhile. You will have the opportunity to feed a giraffe, touch a tortoise, and explore wild exhibits at these attractions!

{Read Reviews & Book St. Petersburg ZooTampa and Florida Aquarium Tickets Online}


8. Jet Ski Rentals and Tours


jet ski rentals st petersburg
Race each other across the beautiful waves in St. Petersburg on one of the area’s many jet ski rentals


Sometimes you just have a need for speed, and if that hits you while you are on vacation in St. Petersburg, FL we have the perfect solution! Go jet skiing! You can either rent some jet skis for the day or you can go on a jet ski tour.

On a jet ski tour, you will be in a group of riders with a guide. The guide will make sure no one gets left behind as you track across the water, while also pointing out key landmarks along the way!

You can’t beat an afternoon spent feeling the water splash against your face as you explore the wonder of the ocean.

{Read Reviews & Book St. Petersburg Jet Ski Rentals Online}


9. Fishing


fishing charters in st petersburg
Show your sweetie they’re a catch on an unforgettable St. Pete fishing charter


Local fish make a great dinner, but what makes for an even better one is when you catch the fish yourself! There are so many great fishing charters in St. Petersburg, FL that would make for a fun and unique date idea.

Whether you are an expert when it comes to fishing, or you have never done it before, the crew onboard will help you snag the best fish in the area. There are even some local restaurants that will cook up your catch for you afterwards. Talk about a fun way to work for your dinner!

{Read Reviews & Book St. Petersburg Fishing Charters Online}


10. Windsurfing


windsurfing lessons in st petersburg
Learning something new together, like windsurfing, is the perfect way to bond


There are so many great date ideas in St. Petersburg, FL that it can be hard to pick out just what you want to do. An experience you definitely don’t get to do every day that would be a perfect option for adrenaline junkies is windsurfing!

With a windsurfing lesson, you will be in small group of beginners and all gear is included. Most lessons are about three hours long and perfect for an afternoon. You will have some crazy fun together as you conquer the waves and feel the wind rushing through your hair.



You really can’t go wrong with planning a couple’s retreat to St. Petersburg, FL. If the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches aren’t already enough to get you excited to go to this gorgeous city, then all of the romantic activities awaiting you are sure to make it feel impossible to wait to go on your next vacation. To plan the perfect beach vacation, make sure you check out all the attractions that St. Petersburg, FL has to offer!



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