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15 Fun Things to do in Tampa for Adults

Carrie Jenkins

October 8th 2019

15 Fun Things to do in Tampa for Adults

Looking to get the most out of your Tampa experience? We're happy to help you jam-pack your days and nights in Tampa with fun activities that will have you coming back for more. Check out these 15 Fun Things to do in Tampa for Adults and maximize your good time!

You'll find fun around every corner in sunny Tampa. This charming city, nestled in the heart of Florida, is teeming with culture and personality that it serves with a side of southern charm. Here are 15 of the best ways to dive in to Tampa!

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1. See the Sights


tampa-for-adults-riverwalk-sightseeing Image from Riverwalk Place  

Strike out and go explore the sights. It's true what they say, if you have the time, it's best to explore a new city on foot. A good place to start is on the Tampa Riverwalk. This 2.6 mile stroll follows the Hillsborough River. Here you can view stunning vistas, take in the sights, and gain some inspiration for your next adventure.

Many cities now offer sightseeing tours, and I love them because they are so adult friendly. They inform you, in a relatively short time, of what's unique about the city . These are a great way to learn real facts from actual locals. We've even put together a perfect Tampa Travel Bag with all you need for a trip to this popular Florida destination.


2. Experience Tampa's Nightlife


tampa-nightlife-adult-funcourtesy of


Tampa has a rich nightlife that culminates in an area called Soho. This district, located in the Tampa city limits, is the epicenter of fun when the sun goes down. Standing for South Howard, Soho is the place to go to eat, drink, shop, and dance the night away.

Soho has top-notch bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, with a wide variety of music on every corner. So, whether you choose a low-key pub with an acoustic performer, an original band, or a DJ, you're sure to find lots of fun things to do for adults in Soho!

3. Take a Fishing Adventure!




Florida fishing is anything but boring. So, for the ultimate in adult fun try this addictive new hobby. Tampa is a popular destination for fishing, whether its offshore, in a boat, or on a fishing charter with an expert guide teaching you all you need to know.

Instead of hours of boredom, you have an adrenaline-pumping good time with the added bonus of possibly catching your own dinner! Not to mention the incredible fun of cruising on a boat, spotting local wildlife, and seeing Tampa from the water. Whether inshore or offshore, a fishing adventure in Tampa is hours of fun in the sun!

4. Roller Coasters!!!



courtesy of Bush Gardens Tampa


If you're a thrill-seeker then look no further than Busch Gardens in Tampa. With 9 of the most intense roller coasters in Florida you can scare yourself silly for hours. If, however, being thrown around at over 60mph isn't your cup of tea then you can check out the African-themed zoo. It's one of the largest in North America!

5. Experience the City




Tampa is a city steeped in culture. It is rich. It is vibrant. It is alive. There's Ybor City with its cobblestone streets dating back all the way to the late 1800's. There's the downtown area hopping with great restaurants, museums, and excellent parks. There's downtown St. Petersburg with its incredible mural art. Did I mention there are so many things to do in Tampa for adults? So get out and experience all of Tampa's glorious diversity!

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6. Enjoy an Animal Encounter


zoo-tampa-for-adultscourtesy of ZooTampa


Getting close to exotic animals is always a fun experience (when it's safe), and it's one that you can definitely find in Tampa. The Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park offers many animal encounters. You can get up close and personal with penguins, rhinos, elephants, and one adorable koala bear.

Another great local gem is the Florida Aquarium. This place is top-notch and allows you to travel the globe without leaving the city. Check out the aquarium's diverse habitats: the Wetlands, Bays and Beaches, and Madagascar-themed eco-system. If you're up for it, you can even have a shark experience!

For more encounters check out Tampa Animal Encounters

7. Water Activities



image by Matt Deavenport


Get out on the water and have a great time. When it comes to water activities you certainly have a wide array of options. You can paddleboard, kayak, windsurf, and that's just to name a few. So, whether you want to stay in the city and kayak around Tampa Bay and the Hillsboro River, or you'd prefer to drive a little out the city for a more rural experience in nearby St. Pete, water activities offer serious adult fun!

8. Catch a Game


tampa-bay-rays-adult-activitiesphoto courtesy of ResetEra


If you're into hockey, baseball, or football you're in luck in this sunshine city. Tampa is home to 3 professional major league teams: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Tampa Bay Lightening, making it a hub for the sporting enthusiast. Catch a game on your next trip and experience the exhiliration of a live sporting event first-hand.

If a live game isn't in the cards for you there are many amazing bars in the area that offer excellent atmosphere for watching the game. One place that always has the game on and offers multiple wide-screen televisions is the Fermented Reality Biergarten at Sparkman Wharf.

9. Tremendous Eats


tampa-adult-fun-armature-worksphoto by Adrienn at Pexels

Food may, or may not, be what comes to mind when you think of fun, but if you like to try new things Tampa has a hot food scene. One of my favorite things about coastal living is the coupling of a tremendous view with fresh and creative eats.

If you're a foodie, after my own heart, check out the open-air courtyard at Heights Public Market. Or, try roof-top dining. Just remember that everything's better with a view!

10. Get Romantic




If it's romance that you seek, Tampa has got you covered. From roof-top dining to sunset cruises you're get-away can serve to spark and ignite the passion in your relationship or life. Treat yourself to the special things, that we seem to get too busy for somehow. So pack that little black dress and make the reservation, you'll be glad you did!

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11. Experience Tampa Parks


Tampa has so many lovely parks where you can sightsee, picnic, take in an outdoor concert...the possibilities are endless. The Curtis-Hixson Waterfront Park provides ample space for an in-the-city picnic, whereas Al Lopez Park, Cypress Point Park, and Rowlett Park offer hiking trails. Many parks, like Ballast Point, have beautiful piers for you to enjoy a picnic on.

12. A Day at the Beach




Tampa is a meer 30 minute drive from popular Clearwater Beach. Voted the 5th most beautiful beach in the United States, by the Travel Channel, this stretch of pristine sand is the perfect place for a dip in the Gulf. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water activities or just bronze yourself in the sun. Leave early to avoid traffic and don't forget your sunscreen!

13. Go on a Brewery Hop


tampa-fun-for-adults-brewery-hop picture courtesy of pexels

If you are a craft beer enthusiast you'll feel right at home in Tampa. This merrits some time to experience it all. Why not spend an afternoon hopping around to some of these top-rated breweries? Sample everything from meads and ales, to IPAs, sours, and stouts.

Some breweries have great music, like Rock Brothers Brewing. Some highlight Tampa's rich Cigar history, like Cigar City. Whatever your pleasure you're sure to enjoy a hop around Tampa's breweries.

14. Take a Helicopter Ride


A sky high view of Tampa is a fabulously fun way to see the city. This is best done on a helicopter tour. Most helicopter tours are customizable, where you can pick specific areas and times. Sunset tours are often the most pricy for a reason, you're getting a bird's-eye-view.

Not only will you capture stunning images on a helicopter ride, but you'll also have a thrilling and unforgetable experience!

15. Retail Therapy


tampa-shopping-adult-funPhoto from

Chances are if you're female, and you're being honest, shopping is a beloved pastime. Allow me to help you satisy your need. If it's luxury brands you're after check out the International Plaza located near the airport.

For more vintage botiques stroll through Ybor City. Hyde Park offers more open-air shopping and blends your big brands with trenty botiques. If it's a Tampa trinket you're after look no further than the Tampa City Center, which features creations from local artisans.



I know you work hard, now go play hard with these 15 Fun Things to do in Tampa for Adults, and make sure you check out the TripShock Travel Blog for the latest Gulf Coast travel news!


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