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5 Cheap Things to do in French Quarter at Night

Mike Fisher

September 27th 2019

5 Cheap Things to do in French Quarter at Night

The French Quarter at night is alive with activity! From historic pubs to live jazz clubs, New Orleans visitors come from around the world to experience the food, drinks, and all the fun and fantastic things to do in the French Quarter! As one of the top vacation destinations, a New Orleans stay can break the bank, so it's important to consider booking a few low-price activities and excursions during your trip.

Try one of these 5 Cheap Things to do in French Quarter at Night on your next visit to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Table of Contents

  • Midnight Beignet at Cafe du Monde
  • French Quarter Pub Crawl
  • Enjoy Live Music in the French Quarter
  • Ghost Tour in the French Quarter
  • Explore Bourbon Street



Midnight Beignet at Cafe du Monde


beignet from cafe du monde at night Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter is located at 800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA, 70116


French Quarter restaurants are unlike any others in the city or beyond. Eclectic, refined, and most of all, tasty, describe the many restaurants peppered throughout the French Quarter. Cafe du Monde is a historic French Quarter cafe, founded in 1862, and has since branched out across the city and state with 9 locations. Open 24 hours, there is no better time than "late-night" to stop into this eatery for a legendary beignet and a cup of coffee!


French Quarter Pub Crawl


Hop bar to bar sipping classic New Orleans cocktails like Sazerac and an Absinthe Frappe on a French Quarter Pub Crawl! A pub crawl is a great way to sample some of the most famous and popular drinks New Orleans has to offer:


popular must try new orleans cocktails


Starting under $30, join a guided tour through the most popular bars in the French Quarter, receiving expert narration, discounted drinks, and even a free cocktail along the way! Go behind the scenes at historic pubs, and experience a night of history and frivolity without cleaning out your pockets!


Enjoy Live Music in the French Quarter


live music in the french quarter at night Live music is an important part of New Orleans’ history and culture


Zydeco, Blues, and Dixieland Jazz music pours from French Quarter restaurants, bars, and music venues on any given night. Simply walk down any busy street or back alley to find rich and colorful New Orleans music. Some of the most popular places for live music in the French Quarter at night include:

  • The Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street
  • Kerry Irish Pub on Decatur Street
  • The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen Street
  • Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street
  • Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street

Think all of the best music is on the stage? THINK AGAIN! Street performers boast powerful talents on any given corner at night in the French Quarter, as well. Watch a set and donate a few bucks for a cheap way to experience world-class entertainment!


Ghost Tour in the French Quarter


new orleans french quarter ghost tour at night Travelers enjoy a New Orleans Carriage Tour with Royal Carriages


Starting at only $10, guided ghost tours offer a spooky look at the French Quarter. Choose from popular tour types including:

Set out on an unforgettable excursion through locations of documented historical and spiritual significance. See the now-private St. Louis Cemetery #1, along with dozens of other publicly-inaccessible locations throughout the French Quarter of New Orleans. French Quarter Ghost Tours are fun for all ages, and with a cheap price tag, make for a perfect group activity!


Explore Bourbon Street


bourbon street at night Image by Lars Plougmann via Flickr


Last but not least, don’t forget to hit the streets, and set out on a Bourbon Street adventure! There's no telling what you'll find on this infamous stretch of road at night! Stop into one of the many bars, restaurants, or gift shops to keep you busy through the night, and head back to the hotel with plenty of memories! Check out these cheap Bourbon Street activities:

  • Riding the mechanical bull at The Bourbon Cowboy
  • Enjoy 15 minutes of fame singing karaoke at The Cat's Meow karaoke bar
  • People watching, completely free and worth every second


For a full list of exciting and cheap things to do in French Quarter at night, visit TripShock French Quarter things to do


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