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Best Creole Queen Coupons - New Orleans Riverboat Cruise Discounts

Mike Fisher

February 11th 2021

Best Creole Queen Coupons - New Orleans Riverboat Cruise Discounts

Image by Richard Martin via Flickr

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Creole Queen coupon deals are here and better than ever! One of the most beautiful boats on the entire Mississippi River, the Creole Queen’s big red paddlewheel is arguably as iconic as any other New Orleans attraction.

A must-have on your next trip to the Big Easy; this ship has it all. Day or night, enjoy premier entertainment and dining options as you and your shipmates dance your way down the Mississippi through the heart of the city!

Table of Contents

  • Creole Queen Coupons: Dance and Dine for Less
  • Paddlewheeling and Dealing
  • Delicious Dining Options
  • What to Expect
  • Best Creole Queen Coupons
  • Rolling, Rolling, Rolling On a River



Creole Queen Coupons: Dance and Dine for Less


creole queen discounts in new orleans
Image by denisbin via Flickr


No journey to the Big Easy would be complete without a Dinner Cruise aboard a genuine paddlewheeler. From the time of her maiden voyage on October 1, 1983, this 24-foot paddlewheeler has been showing locals and tourists alike how to party like a professional!


Paddlewheeling and Dealing


creole queen at boarding time

Image by Ken Summers via Flickr


When you step aboard the Creole Queen, the first thing you will notice is the artisan Victorian décor, including sparkling brass accents, and immaculate wooden parquet dance floors. This is perfect for a fun and romantic evening in New Orleans, dancing the night away to the brilliant sounds of the New Orleans sensation Sullivan Dabney, Jr. and the Muzik Jazz Band!

The Creole Queen also features huge, sweeping decks that are perfect for snapping incredible panoramic photos of the scenic Crescent City skyline. In addition to its generous outdoor accommodations, the Creole Queen also has more indoor cabin space than any other New Orleans excursion vessel. Taken together, this monster of the Mississippi offers the best of both worlds, making it the perfect idea for any occasion, from girls’ night to date night in NOLA!


Delicious Dining Options


dining on the creole queen in new orleans

Enjoy the taste of Cajun classics such as red beans and rice, gumbo, and more


Oh yes, and did we mention the food? New Orleans is among the best of the best when it comes to mouthwatering meals, and we are delighted to tell you that the Creole Queen is every bit as good as what you will find on land! Enjoy traditional dishes with serious flavor and pop such as:

  • Creole Jambalaya
  • Seafood Gumbo
  • Red Beans and Rice
  • Baked Chicken
  • Cajun Braised Beef Brisket
  • White Chocolate Bread Pudding

This New Orleans Dinner Cruise is also equipped with a full, cash bar featuring all of the beer, wine, and spirits you need to get loose before you hit the dance floor! You can get more insight into the dining experience with this story from a Creole Queen cruise.


What to Expect


Each voyage aboard the Creole Queen brings a new adventure. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, this paddlewheeler cruise is unbeatable for atmosphere and more. Scenes, sounds, and sights include the following and more:


creole queen jazz cruise highlights


Best Creole Queen Coupons


new orleans river cruise at sunset

Image by Michael Gaylard via Flickr


Creole Queen coupons are easy to purchase and use when booking online! Once the voucher has been purchased online, be sure to have it available on your mobile phone or print out along with a valid photo ID. Use the following Creole Queen coupons for the cheapest admission prices:


This 10% OFF coupon should apply automatically when clicking the promo code listed above. If not, apply the coupon code during checkout to receive the discount. Browse Creole Queen tours including dinner, lunch, and history cruises to get started! Having trouble using your Creole Queen coupon? Call 850-424-5125 for online assistance.



Rolling, Rolling, Rolling On a River


creole queen paddlewheel

Image by Brian Norwood via Flickr


As previously mentioned, dinner cruises are one of the Big Easy’s favorite pastimes. When John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, also known as CCR, wrote the lyrics to their classic track Proud Mary, he admitted that he, “never saw the good side of the city” until he, “hitched a ride on a river boat queen.”

So what are you waiting for? Take John’s advice and hitch a ride on this river boat queen today, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Big wheeler kept on turning, Creole Queen kept on burnin’, and rolling, rolling, rolling down the river!



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