Helicopter Charter New Orleans - How to Explore the City by Air

January 21st 2020
Mike Fisher
Helicopter Charter New Orleans - How to Explore the City by Air

New Orleans, Louisiana: One of the most-action packed cities on the planet, New Orleans is known for its amazing food and fantastic music. At the city center is a vibrant downtown, as well as several other districts and neighborhoods including the French Quarter and the Garden District, which have a worldwide reputation for their artistic and cultural vibrancy. From beignets to gumbo, and from Zydeco to Jazz, the Big Easy is really something to behold!

One of the best ways to see the city in all of its glory is on a helicopter charter from New Orleans! As scenic and beautiful as they come, a helicopter charter in New Orleans will not only show you the local landmarks, but it will also give you an amazing perspective on the city in relation to the Gulf of Mexico and the mighty Mississippi River. We here at TripShock love an authentic, local experience, and this is right there at the top among the best we have ever seen. So hop in, buckle up, and get ready to explore the city via helicopter charter New Orleans!

Table of Contents

  • Why Take a Helicopter Charter in New Orleans?
    • Get a Bird’s Eye View
    • What You’ll See on Your Helicopter Charter, New Orleans Style
    • Enjoy the City’s Beauty and Charm



Why Take a Helicopter Charter in New Orleans?


family on a helicopter charter

According to a recent Traveler Story, helicopter charters make for a memorable activity the whole family will love


A helicopter charter is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of New Orleans, plain and simple. Strap yourself in and let a few highly-trained pilots take you way up into the air for a thrilling ride of a lifetime! Whether you are a first time visitor, a seasoned traveler, or even a local Naw-Lander, a helicopter tour is always a fantastic idea, as it will give you incredible, picturesque views and photo opportunities, in addition to the skinny on every last street, building, and neighborhood in the area.

From the Audubon Zoo to Bourbon Street to the Superdome and on to the Garden District, no stone is left unturned when you are flying way up high in the sky! As exhilarating as it is informative, a helicopter charter in New Orleans is led by expert pilots who will educate you on the local landscape, including tips and suggestions about the best in food and live entertainment!

Get a Bird’s Eye View


aerial view from a helicopter charter new orleans

With incredible aerial views like the one pictured above, it’s easy to see why helicopter charters make for some of the best photo-ops in the Big Easy


Perhaps the best thing about taking a helicopter charter over the Big Easy is realizing the city’s place in relation to the natural world that surrounds it. The presence of the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, and the Gulf of Mexico immediately in and around the city makes the landscape look like an island.

As you trace the Mississippi River from the inland horizon back toward the port, you will witness a scene that is truly marvelous. Pair that perspective with some serious heights and a small, nimble aircraft, and you have yourself an experience as exciting as a day at Mardi Gras World!

So, fasten your seatbelt, strap on your noise-reducing headphones with in-flight intercom, and enjoy the ride as your pilot takes you up, up, and away into wild blue yonder!

What You’ll See on Your Helicopter Charter, New Orleans Style


Louisiana wetlands as seen from a helicopter charter in New Orleans

Be sure to look out for Louisiana’s wonderful wetlands, pictured above, for natural and awe-inspiring views


There is truly no limit when it comes to the amount of stunning views there are to be witnessed from a New Orleans helicopter charter. From the gorgeous natural landscapes to the bustling city itself, there is so much beauty to behold! With that being said, below are a few important landmarks you will want to keep an eye out for:

  • French Quarter
  • Business District
  • Garden District
  • Meandering Mississippi
  • Louisiana Superdome
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Famous Cemeteries
  • Audubon Park

Enjoy the City’s Beauty and Charm


couple enjoying a helicopter charter

Helicopter charters are one of the many top things to do for couples in New Orleans


Helicopter charters allow you to see the city from many different perspectives. Aside from the bird’s eye view, discover NOLA’s beauty and charm from the serene and calm cockpit of your helicopter charter. Once you’re away from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street, you really get to see New Orleans beyond the partying and festivities.

This is just one reason why helicopter charters are one of the top romantic activities in New Orleans. Just imagine, flying high in the sky with your sweetheart, surrounded by nothing but scenic beauty and the Crescent City charm. Rest assured, however you decide to explore NOLA, and whoever you decide to explore it with, you can’t go wrong when doing so from up above on a New Orleans helicopter charter!



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