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Staycation in New Orleans - Things to do During Coronavirus

Suzanne Bratton

January 5th 2021

 Staycation in New Orleans - Things to do During Coronavirus

Since first being reported in China in December of 2019, coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, has turned into a world-wide pandemic in just a few short months. The U.S. President declared this a national emergency and put travel restrictions into effect.

While traveling outside of the country may not be on your agenda, making the most of your spring break may be. New Orleans is known for their large crowds and festive events, but there are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy away from the masses, making for a healthy and happy vacation. Keep reading and discover the top things to do during coronavirus and make the most of your staycation in New Orleans!

Table of Contents

  • Eat Delicious Local Cuisine
  • Private Tours
  • Kayak Tours
  • Carriage Rides
  • Visit the Swamp
  • Be Prepared and Take Precautions

NOTICE: Information in this article is subject to change due to the restrictions set in place by the CDC and US Government.



Eat Delicious Local Cuisine


delicious louisiana cuisine

A great idea for couples in New Orleans, bring home one of the city’s signature dishes, like the one pictured above, put on a movie, add some dessert, and you’ve got the perfect romantic night in


When it comes to eating good, there’s no better place to be than New Orleans. From classic Po Boy sandwiches to spicy shrimp and andouille sausage gumbo and everything else in between, your taste buds will be happy when enjoying the local cuisine during your staycation in New Orleans!

Since the name of the game right now is to stay healthy, plan for an evening in and take your favorite New Orleans dish to-go. Even better, utilize local services like Uber Eats or DoorDash, and have your favorite dish brought right to your front door! This eliminates exposure to crowds, while also allowing you to dine on delicious meals from the top restaurants in the city!


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Private Tours


landscape from a private tour of new orleans

Pictured above is just one of the many beautiful landscapes you’ll encounter when on a tour with Michaela’s Private New Orleans Tours


One of the best things to do during coronavirus besides washing your hands often is avoiding large groups of people. This may sound like an impossible task when in the Big Easy, however, as it’s known for their large crowds, friendly folks, big events, and camaraderie.

Luckily, there is a way to experience this magical city and see the incredible sights and sounds without exposure to a lot of people. Taking a private tour of the city will allow you to do this without being a part of a large tour group, creating a more intimate experience. Private tours come in all shapes and sizes, as well, meaning there is something for everyone. Below are a few of the popular private tours to take during your staycation in New Orleans:

  • Private City Tour
  • Private History Tour
  • Private Culinary Tour

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Kayak Tours


kayak tour new orleans

Paddle through the swamp on a kayak and see alligators, turtles, unique birds, beautiful cypress trees, and more


Avoid the crowds, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy some fresh air on a New Orleans kayak tour. This is a great way to relax from the comfort of your very own kayak, which also limits exposure to other people. Not only that, kayak tours get you up close and personal with the incredible local wildlife. Animals you may encounter on the way include:

  • Alligators
  • Herons
  • Egrets
  • Wild Pigs
  • Turtles
  • Otters
  • And MORE!

{Read Reviews & Book Kayak Tours in New Orleans Online}


Carriage Rides


carriage tour in new orleans

Trot through the French Quarter with Royal Carriages at the best rate with New Orleans carriage ride coupons


Clip, clop, and do the French Quarter trot on a New Orleans carriage ride! Carriages will typically hold around 6-8 passengers, meaning a small group experience is always guaranteed. Not only that, private carriage tours are also offered, making for a perfect, intimate experience with the city and your favorite people. Popular carriage tours include:

  • History and Haunts Nighttime Carriage Tour
  • French Quarter Carriage Ride and Cemetery Tour
  • Carriage Rides of the French Quarter and Creole Neighborhoods
  • Private Carriage Tours of the French Quarter

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Visit the Swamp


airboat tour through a New Orleans swamp

According to a recent Traveler Story, swamp tours are a fun and fabulous experience you don’t want to miss


If some fresh air is just what the doctor ordered, then you’re in luck! Visiting the area swamps is the perfect way to become one with nature, get some fresh air and vitamin D, and avoid large crowds. From private airboat tours to private swamp boat tours, there is an experience available for every type of adventurer.

If heading out on a tour is not what you’re looking for, then you may want to consider exploring one of the swamp’s many and amazing trails. Venture out on your own or with your favorite people at one of these trails and take in the scenic views and sounds of the swamp:

  • Barataria Preserve
  • Audubon Nature Center
  • Northlake Nature Center
  • Fontainebleau State Park
  • Bayou Sauvage Ridge Trail

{Read Reviews & Book Swamp Tours in New Orleans Online}


Be Prepared and Take Precautions


The most important thing to do during coronavirus and your staycation in New Orleans is, by far, to take the necessary steps to avoid contracting it. One of your best defenses against this disease is to be vigilant, be prepared, take precautions, and be informed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are important things that everyone should be doing in efforts to prepare for the coronavirus and protect themselves. See them below:


Coronavirus Planning



While the coronavirus outbreak is definitely not something that should be taken lightly, with the proper information and precautions, it doesn’t have to ruin your staycation in New Orleans. From date nights at home to nature trails through the swamp to private tours of the Big Easy, there are plenty of fun and safe alternatives that the whole family will love!



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