Orange Beach, Alabama is the beach that bears the fruit of sun and surf. Come to Orange Beach yourself to behold the beautiful white sands and the pristine emerald waters as far as the eye can see. [readmore]Relax with family on a beach picnic or simply enjoy a sunset and the spectacular colors as they dance across the water. One way to take your trip to the Alabama Coast to the next level and really get the most out of your trip is to hop on a boat and head out with the gang! Lucky for you, Tripshock has a laundry list of unbeatable deals on Orange Beach boat rentals that you won’t find anywhere else! So what are you waiting for? Adventure and Gulf waters are waiting!

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Unbeatable Deals on Orange Beach Boat Rentals

Rev Your Engine on a Speed Boat

Unbeatable Deals on Orange Beach Boat Rentals They say a bad day on the water is better than a good day on land and certainly, when you’re talking about a harbor speedboat, we couldn’t agree with that saying any more! With a variety of great models to accommodate from 4 to 6 friends or family members, take the role of Captain and get out there for some serious fun. Check out beautiful Wolf Bay, Bay La Launch, or Bayou St. John. No matter what, you can't go wrong as each offers beautiful sights, sounds, and adventures. A speedboat let’s you crank up the speed and slice through the waves and the water with precision and control.

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Take it All In on a Pontoon

Orange Beach Pontoon RentalsLuxury and relaxation is the name of the game when it comes to Pontoons. A slow pace and plenty of space to move about, a pontoon is the perfect option for families and larger groups. Perhaps the most popular of the Orange Beach Boat Rentals, a pontoon is fully equipped for long days on the Emerald Coast. For sure, with amenities like a radio for solid tunes and dancing, a ladder to get in and out of the water, and a cabana to keep you protected from the sun we totally understand what the fuss is all about!

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Dash and Splash in the Waves with a Jet Ski

Orange Beach Jet Ski RentalsNimble and exciting, Jet Skis are a terrific way to get your hair wet and your heart pumping. Jet Skis allow you to duck and dash through the waves at incredible speeds as the Gulf Breeze whistles by. Also called a Wave Runner, we love Jet Ski rentals for a variety of reasons. One reason is that you can get up close and personal with marine wildlife without being too intrusive. Another reason is the fact that you can really crank up the speed and have a super exciting ride on the surf. Rent a single Jet Ski and ride with one or two for some additional bonding time or rent multiple and chase one another up and down the coast!

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Explore the Ins and Outs on a Kayak

Orange Beach Kayak Rentals An alternative to the speed and sound of motorized boats, Kayaks provide you with an opportunity to have an intimate adventure on the water. Explore and exercise with a surprisingly sturdy kayak today and get ready for a relaxing day on the surf. With some luck you will be greeted by jumping dolphins or flying ospreys, eagles, and herons. The ideal way to check out some of the beautiful creeks and rivers in the area like Portage Creek, kayaks allow you to enjoy the wild side of the Alabama Coast without disrupting delicate habitat and coastal wildlife.

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