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Jul 20 ~ Jul 26
Norriego Point is a wonderful white-sand peninsula located at the tip of Holiday Isle in Destin, Florida. With the Destin Harbor on one side, the East Pass and Destin Jetties on the other, and Crab Island just a stone’s throw away, this is a perfect destination for those wanting to take in the natural beauty and landscapes of the Emerald Coast!

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Holiday Isle Visitors Guide

When driving into Destin over the beautiful William T. Marler bridge, you are welcomed with exquisite views of the Emerald Coast at its finest! The famous Crab Island sandbar is to the north of the bridge, with stunning, shallow waters, and boats congregating for some good old-fashioned fun in the sun. On the south side of the bridge, you will see the bustling Destin Harbor, Holiday Isle, and the East Pass.

Holiday Isle is a 3-mile-long peninsula with pristine beaches, dining, and lodging, that separates the Destin Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico/East Pass. At the tip of this picturesque peninsula is Norriego Point, one of the best and most breathtaking beaches of the Emerald Coast! One of the qualities that makes this place so special, is its location and luscious landscapes.

Visitors to Norriego Point have unparalleled panoramic views of Destin, with the bustling HarborWalk Village and the Destin Harbor on one side, and the East Pass, which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico, on the other. Not only that, Crab Island is visible from the north end of the island, providing a unique perspective of this special sandbar. Norriego Point on its own is a sight to behold, with rolling sand dunes, sea oats, and inlets that create a safe, calm, and delightful destination for swimming and snorkeling.

Speaking of water activities, there is so much fun in the sun to be had at Norriego Point! Not only is this a great place for swimming and snorkeling, it’s also a great place for kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, sunbathing, and wildlife watching. Some Gulf Coast creatures you may encounter at Norriego Point include:

  • Bald Eagles
  • Pelicans
  • Herons
  • Dolphins
  • Native fish species
  • And MORE!

And if that doesn’t sound scenic and spectacular enough, this is also one of the best places to catch a Destin sunrise or sunset, and truly take in the natural beauty of this coastal city. Just be sure to bring a camera, as there are tons of places for some amazing Destin photo-ops at Norriego Point.

As you’re watching boats travel out to the Gulf of Mexico, whether for a fishing charter, dolphin cruise, or private excursion, you will notice the boats will typically depart from the Destin Harbor, make their way around Norriego Point, and head out to sea. This area is known as the East Pass, which is the opening that connects the Gulf of Mexico to the Choctawhatchee Bay. A set of nearly identical jetties, known as the Destin Jetties, protect this opening, and are a favorite among many for fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The history of the Destin Jetties dates back over 100 years ago, when a hurricane closed off the bay from the Gulf. Knowing this could have devastating effects on the local economy and ecosystem, local fishermen joined forces and dug a narrow trench to reopen the channel. Stone barriers, which are now known as the Destin Jetties, were added to ensure the opening would not close back up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this area handicap accessible?

Holiday Isle in Destin is home to tons of handicap accessible restaurants and lodging! Some of the top accessible accommodations on Holiday Isle include The Islander, Holiday Surf & Racquet Club, Destin on the Gulf, Magnolia House, and Shoreline Towers. Most rooms at these fabulous condos are handicap accessible, with many also offering handicap beach access, as well.

The Destin Jetties and Norriego Point, however, are not handicap accessible, and should be explored with caution. In order to get to both locations, visitors must travel a fair distance in Destin’s soft, white sand. This can be difficult for those with mobility issues, even for those using a beach wheelchair rental. If you are staying in a condo with handicap beach access, it is recommended to use that beach, or one of these accessible beaches in the area:

With that being said, there are handicap accessible activities that are not only a ton of fun, but allow you to experience this area in a whole new way! A few of the top handicap accessible water activities include Destin dolphin cruises, fishing charters, and pontoon rentals. Discover the best rates on Destin handicap accessible activities, and more, with TripShock!

2. Are there any restaurants nearby?

Absolutely! Some of the best restaurants in Destin are actually located on Holiday Isle. Fan favorites include the following: Louisiana Lagniappe, Bric a Brac, Capriccio Cafe, and The Local Market. Looking for even more delicious Destin eats? Check out this recent TripShock blog!

3. Can we access the Gulf of Mexico from Norreigo Point?

Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico from Norriego Point, but the Gulf cannot be accessed from here. Norriego Point is a picturesque peninsula, nestled between the Destin Harbor and the East Pass. There is still plenty of beach area to explore here, however, with the lively harbor to keep you entertained on one side, and the calm inlets of water protected by jetties on the other side.

4. Can we get to Crab Island from here?

If you’re traveling by watercraft, whether it’s by paddleboard, kayak, or boat, for example, getting from Norriego Point to Crab Island is easy, and takes just a few minutes! Please be aware that you cannot swim, walk, or drive to Crab Island. Swimming to Crab Island from the shore is not only prohibited, but also extremely dangerous due to currents and heavy boat traffic.

However, there are tons of safe and fun ways to get to the famous Crab Island sandbar! Some tour providers will offer taxi services, picking up and dropping off at Crab Island, Norriego Point, and HarborWalk Village. One of the best ways to get to the sandbar, however, is to book one of the many unforgettable Crab Island Tours & Activities offered through TripShock, at the best rates online!

Crab Island tours and activities come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s something to accommodate every interest and itinerary. Not only that, they are a ton of fun! Some of the top activities include: Crab Island excursions, private tours, jet ski rentals and tours, pontoon rentals, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and more.


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