Fort Barrancas

Pensacola Beach-Navarre, Florida

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Jun 21 ~ Jun 27
If you're a history buff or simply love soaking up nature, Fort Barrancas is the perfect place for you. This incredible structure offers a window into the magnificent blend of American, Spanish, and British cultures that have left their mark on this area. Prepare to be amazed by stunning views of the Pensacola Bay and the glistening Gulf of Mexico as you uncover the captivating stories that make Fort Barrancas a must-visit destination in Pensacola.

Fort Barrancas Visitors Guide

Fort Barrancas is a monument that is a testament to the early homeland defense in America. Completed in 1844, it was built with 4ft thick walls, 6 million bricks, and stands 20 feet high. While Fort Barrancas was constructed to put a stop to foreign invasion, its only combat was in the American Civil War. This hidden gem, steeped in rich military history, offers you an immersive experience that transports you back to a time when nations vied for control of this location.

Discover the diverse cultural heritage that has shaped the region at Fort Barrancas, where history and stunning landscapes collide. This historic site invites you to explore the legendary past of the fort and the natural wonders that surround it. Take a deep dive and discover the big picture with the Visitor Center of Gulf Islands National Seashore. You can also catch a 12-minute video for a deeper understanding of the fort's history. Don't miss the chance to experience the best of both worlds at Fort Barrancas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the public visit Fort Barrancas?

Fort Barrancas is one of two historical structures located on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. It’s open to the public to visit and explore.

2. Are there any nearby attractions that I should visit?

Yes. There are a number of attractions near Fort Barrancas that are worth exploring. These attractions include the Pensacola Lighthouse, the Advance Redoubt, and the National Naval Aviation Museum.

3. Is Fort Barrancas wheelchair accessible?

Not all areas of Fort Barrancas are accessible by wheelchair. Some parts of the fort, including certain upper levels and tunnels, may be difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues.

4. Is there an admission fee to visit Fort Barrancas?

The cost of admission is $25 per vehicle, $20 per motorcycle, and $15 per pedestrian/bicyclist.


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