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Best Pensacola Fishing Charter Coupons - Pensacola Beach Fishing Discounts

Mike Fisher

November 20th 2020

Best Pensacola Fishing Charter Coupons - Pensacola Beach Fishing Discounts

Pensacola fishing charter coupon deals are now live on TripShock, giving you access to the best charters at the best prices anywhere. One of the best places on Earth to catch big, delicious game fish like Amberjack, Grouper, and Snapper, one trip out to sea with us and you will quickly realize why Pensacola is more than a place to lounge on the beach. A go-to on your next trip to the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola fishing trips promise a bounty of fish and offer important lessons about the art of saltwater fishing.

Table of Contents

  • What to Expect on a Pensacola Fishing Charter
  • What you’ll Catch on a Pensacola Fishing Charter
  • Pensacola Fishing Charter Coupons
  • Inshore Fishing and Kayak Excursions



What to Expect on a Pensacola Fishing Charter


offshore deep sea pensacola fishing charter

Pictured above is a family showing off their catch on a deep sea fishing charter, one of the top extreme activities in Pensacola, FL


No visit to the Florida Panhandle would be complete without a trip out to sea aboard one of several incredible Pensacola fishing charter boats. One of the most historic cities in all of America, Pensacola has been home to anglers since the Spanish founded the city in 1698. Even before then, the native Panzacola tribes (roughly 1100 to 1700 CE) used dugout canoes to explore the bountiful Gulf waters and feed their people.

When you book a fishing charter with a TripShock partner, not only are you getting the best prices on your excursion, but you’re also teaming up with one of several of the best captains and crews in Northwest Florida. You will be greeted with smiles, trained, and given everything you need to bring home a trophy fish. Fishing charters even include fishing licenses, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning!

Another great thing about Pensacola fishing charters is that they are reeling in keepers all the time, making this one of the best Pensacola activities to enjoy in the winter, and year-round. Depending on the length of your trip and the type of journey you choose (inshore, nearshore, offshore, and duration) you will explore a variety of locations, habitats, and see all sorts of fish species. And though you won’t ever be fishing for bottlenose dolphins, you are likely to see pods frolicking along the side of the boat on your way to and from port! Shark and sea turtle sightings are also a possibility.

Whether you are a first time fisher or a well-seasoned angler, Pensacola fishing charters through TripShock are sure to excite, educate, and entertain. A great idea for families and large groups, enjoy some quality company, take it slow, and engage in some good, old-fashioned competition on who can catch the biggest and baddest of them all! And if you need a break from fishing, most boats have large, luxurious cabins where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a break from the elements.


What you’ll Catch on a Pensacola Fishing Charter


inshore family friendly pensacola fishing charter

A girl shows off her impressive Redfish that was caught on a fishing charter in Pensacola


Each voyage aboard a Pensacola fishing charter is a brand new day. You never know what you’ll catch! Fish species you may hook in the Gulf of Mexico include the following, and more:

  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Amberjack
  • Triggerfish
  • Pompano
  • Scamp (Grouper)
  • Sea Bass
  • Mackerel

And that’s not all! You never know what surprises await you just under the surface of the deep blue sea. For more information about fish species, rules, and regulations, please visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website here:


Pensacola Fishing Charter Coupons


deep sea pensacola charter fishing

One of the top kid-friendly activities in Pensacola, fishing charters awaken your sense of nature and wonder


Pensacola fishing charter coupons are easy to purchase and use when booking online! Once the E-voucher has been purchased online, be sure to have it available on your mobile phone or print out along with a valid photo ID. Use the following Pensacola fishing charter coupons for the cheapest prices:

{Read Reviews & Book Pensacola Beach-Navarre Fishing Charters Online}

Reserve your Pensacola fishing charter tickets right here and get going! Having trouble booking your discounted charter? Call 850-424-5125 for online assistance.


Inshore Fishing and Kayak Excursions


inshore kid friendly pensacola fishing charter

Family shows off massive Redfish caught on an inshore fishing charter with Coastal Life Charters and Adventures


If an extended trip out to sea is too intimidating, you may want to consider one of several awesome inshore fishing charters. One option for exploring Pensacola Bay, the Santa Rosa Sound, and Big Lagoon is aboard what is commonly known as a “bay boat” (typically 22 feet to 24 feet). An intimate adventure, but comfortable, you can still search for Grouper and Amberjack in addition to Triggerfish. In the flats and among the docks you can also snag Redfish, Flounder, and the ever-elusive Speckled Trout!

{Read Reviews & Book Pensacola Beach-Navarre Inshore Bay Fishing Online}

Another increasingly popular option is kayak fishing. Agile and stealthy, these boats allow you to explore less-fished areas and those waters close to shore. A bit more technical than your average charter, kayak fishing emphasizes techniques such as sight casting and bottom fishing. Small boat fishing is also great for nature-lovers, and offers up-close looks at marine habitats and species like herons, pelicans, and even the occasional dolphin! One Traveler Story explains just how magical it can be to see a bottlenose dolphin close-up and in-person.



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