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01/26/2021 ~ 02/01/2021

Felt discrimination

about 8 months ago
Booking was a breeze!! No my family and I was super excited about our upcoming events..low and behold we packed our car and set out on the 3hr 53 mn drive only to get there and not one employee nor management was aware of our reservations so come to find out upper management failed to email and copy company employees in on the change the experience caused chaos disappointed children plus the adults that fished out almost$200 yet noone could accommodate our needs so than we're totally upaet so after calling several numbers someone called Performance and straightened it out but overall we truly felt disciminated and not given fair treatment as to being paying customers and human beings also..horrible horrible experience!!!! They gus that handle the carts were so generous and considerate only good experience..please address this issue so that No one else travels long distance to only be assisted as for who you are. Thanks
Janice L