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New Orleans Tourist Attractions

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Double Plantation Tour - Oak Alley, Laura, or Whitney Plantation with Transportation from The French Quarter

Double Plantation Tour - Oak Alley, Laura, or Whitney Plantation with Transportation from The French Quarter

19 ratings
Duration7.25 Hrs.
Explore the most sought-after antebellum plantation homes in Louisiana. Choose between Laura Plantation, a colorful...
We took the Oak Alley and Whitney tour. We had an informative bus driver (Kintrell) who kept us very entertained. All the guides were great. It would have been nice to have been able to spend more time at each plantation, but with 2 plantations to visit, there was not enough time. Since there is not much time there, our bus driver recommended we eat at Oak Alley dehli for lunch as it takes less time than the restaurant there. Our bus guide gave us tips in places to see and places to eat while in New Orleans. We had a great time!
The Whitney and Laura Plantations were amazing. Our tour guides at both were fantastic! I highly recommend taking this tour for anyone wanting to learn more about the slave experience on a sugar plantation.
The tour was really great, lots of historic information provided in transit to and from the plantations by Dionne, and then the tours at both Whitney and Laura were great—very different plantations and perspectives for the tours. It would have been better if there had been a specific time allocated for lunch, as we had not been told about any lunch time allocated, until we asked and was told there was no specific lunch time, but we could just have to eat any snacks we brought on the bus and quickly eat something before or after tours at the plantations. Not a big problem, but communication could have been better when signing up for the tour or at the tour, so we knew what to expect. Both these plantations were very worthwhile to visit and learn.
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The National World War II Museum

The National World War II Museum

79 ratings
The National WWII Museum is a remarkable, must-see attraction in New Orleans that illuminates the American experience in...
the The National World War II Museum - so much to see, witness and listen to. Every minute is worth more than a singular history lecture
The museum layout and features were very detailed. In addition, it was a moving experience to see what these men and women went through.
Wish we had more time to spend there
New Orleans Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium Admission Ticket

New Orleans Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium Admission Ticket

55 ratings
Duration1-3 Hrs.
Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium is North America’s largest museum devoted to insects and their relatives....
What a peaceful experience. Wonderful staff and excellent information throughout. Highly recommend for any age!
It was great seeing the different insects and butterflies
Colombians don't eat ants instead of popcorn at movie theaters like they said in the Bug Buffet. Smh. Overall, learned a lot & enjoyed the experience!
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Oak Alley Plantation Guided Tour With Transportation From The French Quarter

Oak Alley Plantation Guided Tour With Transportation From The French Quarter

30 ratings
Duration4.75 Hrs.
Experience Oak Alley Plantation, a National Historic site built in 1839, and its beautiful grounds in all of their glory...
It was an interesting tour of the plantation. The bus host was extremely informative and added a great deal to the overall experience. Only thing was that the bus window in front of our seats was loose and rattled the entire ride to and from the plantation.
The guide Mary was great! Informative Driver was excellent as well
Excellent tour very knowledgeable of history
Southern Food & Beverage Museum General Admission

Southern Food & Beverage Museum General Admission

49 ratings
Duration2 Hours
Fried chicken and cocktails? Now that's a museum worth checking out! Shake things up and take a bite out of history with...
I have been meaning to visit for years & I finally got around to it. My first impression upon walking inside was how amazing it smelled & I know I want to...
I love museums. While in New Orleans, I took a street car to this cute little museum. It had info and history for all the food and brands from all the...
Top Secret Mission at Hint Hunter Escape Room
Time travel to the 1940s with this top secret mission escape room at Hint Hunters. Private Investigator Owen Hunters has...
Lynn Meadows Children's Discovery Center Admission Tickets
Bring the kids to have fun in the award-winning indoor wonderland known as Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Located in a...
Western Jail Escape Room at Hint Hunters
Can you escape from this western jail cell? In the "Hole in the Wall" escape room at Hint Hunters, you are one of the...
Underwater Escape Room at Hint Hunters
Dive to the bottom of the sea where you'll be able to explore a sunken shipwreck with your friends. Together, your group...