15 Cheap Things to do in 30A [For Families, Couples & MORE]

October 3rd 2023
Jeannelle Douglas
15 Cheap Things to do in 30A [For Families, Couples & MORE]

The 30A area is acclaimed for its pristine beaches, idyllic communities, watersports, live music, and much more. This small stretch of paradise offers tourists and locals a relaxed and serene experience like no other. With the many attractions and activities, 30A has become a prime destination each and every year.

While the thought of visiting this oasis may seem like a stretch on the budget, there’s an overwhelming amount of free activities, cheap attractions, and affordable things to do that you can choose from all throughout the year. Keep reading to find out more about the cheap things to do in 30A to make this vacation fun, memorable, and easy on the pockets.

Table of Contents

  • Can you Visit 30A on a Budget?
  • Is 30A Affordable to Visit for Families?
  • Cheap Things to Do in 30A
      1. Visit the Timpoochee Trail
      1. Free Outdoor Concerts
      1. Watch a Sunset on the Beach
      1. Sit at the Dock of the Bay
      1. Go on a Picnic
      1. Morrison Springs County Park
      1. Seaside REP Theatre
      1. Hit the Beach
      1. Snorkeling
      1. Dolphin Cruises
      1. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park
      1. Explore on a Bike
      1. Dinner Cruises
      1. Jet Skiing
      1. Paddleboarding



Can you Visit 30A on a Budget?


Aerial view of 30A

Pictured above is an aerial view of 30A.


Yes! 30A is a beautiful vacation destination that won’t break the bank. It’s situated between the popular spots of Destin and Panama City Beach, FL. With gorgeous white sandy beaches, idyllic beach villages, and delicious eats, you’ll never run out of things to do on a budget.


Is 30A Affordable to Visit for Families?


Family on the beach in 30A

Pictured above is a family on the beach.


Yes! 30A is the perfect vacation spot for families looking for a fun and affordable getaway. There are tons of attractions and activities that make for an unforgettable trip, and you can find something for everyone in your group. While 30A is smaller than Destin and Panama City Beach, it offers plenty of fun things for families to do.

Free and Cheap Things to Do in 30A

Many of the area’s attractions are inexpensive, making it easy for budget-conscious travelers to explore many of the area’s attractions. From exploring trails to visiting the beach, there are plenty of ways to be entertained in 30A without sacrificing your finances. Find out below what free and cheap things you can do in 30A!

1. Visit the Timpoochee Trail


Draper Lake Bridge at Timpoochee Trail in 30A

Pictured above is the Draper Lake Bridge at Timpoochee Trail. Image courtesy of floridahikes.com.


This paved 19-mile path runs the entire length of Highway 30A and provides a fantastic view of the area that can’t be seen by car. One of the best ways to explore this area is on a bike. Not only will you get in some exercise, but you’ll have fun doing it! Bike rentals are available from several vendors along the trail and you can rent them by the day or even for the entire week.

{Read Reviews & Book 30A Bike Rentals Online}


2. Free Outdoor Concerts


Crowd enjoying outdoor concert in 30A

Pictured above is a crowd enjoying an outdoor concert.


Several beaches, including Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, and Seaside host free concerts on their lawns in the springs, summer, and fall. You can also enjoy free concerts and fireworks at Baytowne Wharf every Wednesday night during the summer months.


3. Watch a Sunset on the Beach


Sunset from the beach in 30A

Pictured above is a view of the sunset from the beach.


Watching a sunset on the beach is a can’t-miss. Grab your favorite cocktails or craft beers and hit the beach for a memorable happy hour as you watch the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re looking to be one with nature while watching a sunset, then a top spot is Coastal Dunes Lake. Make sure you bring a picnic basket and a blanket to add to your scenic evening.


4. Sit at the Dock of the Bay


Choctawhatchee Bay in 30A

Pictured above is Choctawhatchee Bay.


Choctawhatchee Bay is home to tons of fish including speckled trout, redfish, shrimp, oysters, gulf menhaden, blue crab, and more! You can sit at the dock and enjoy the scenery or cast a line and see if you can snag a few fish. The bay and the adjoining bayou are not only perfect for activities such as fishing, but it’s also an ideal location for boating.


5. Go on a Picnic


Family enjoying a picnic in 30A

Pictured above is a family enjoying a picnic.


Pack a basket full of tasty dishes and go to one of the many public beach accesses. Eating outside and enjoying the scenic view is one of life’s simple pleasures. There are lots of choices when it comes to picnic locations and some of the best include Grady Brown Park, Eden Gardens State Park, and Deer Lake State Park to name a few.


6. Morrison Springs County Park


Morrison Springs Park in 30A

Pictured above is Morrison Springs County Park. Image courtesy of floridahikes.com.


Comprised of more than 160 acres of floodplain, Morrison Springs is the perfect spot for aquatic recreation. It’s one of the most sought-after freshwater scuba diving sites thanks to its crystalline waters and cave depths that reach 300 feet underground. The large, bowl-shaped spring pool spans 250 ft across and is one of 13 springs that runs into the Choctawhatchee River. For more information about Morrison Springs, visit https://www.co.walton.fl.us/523/Morrison-Springs.


7. Seaside REP Theatre


Christmas performance at Seaside Post Office in 30A

Pictured above is a Christmas performance in front of the Seaside Post Office. Image courtesy of The Rep Theatre Facebook page.


The Seaside REP Theatre is a great place to catch live shows. Its performers include talented actors from across the country who love sharing their craft and perfecting it. Free shows are often held at outdoor amphitheaters including WaterColor, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Baytowne Wharf.


8. Hit the Beach


Seaside Beach in 30A

Pictured above is Seaside Beach.


When vacationing in 30A, nothing beats a visit to the beach. The beaches of 30A are often ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the United States. From pristine white-sand beaches, amazing wildlife, and gorgeous emerald waters, there’s no question why. Highway 30A features a wide array of beach communities. For instance, Seaside has evolved into one of the top picturesque beach communities on the Gulf Coast and boasts a collection of tasty eateries. Furthermore, Seaside is the perfect place for visiting families to build last memories.


9. Snorkeling


Couple snorkeling among fish in 30A

Pictured above is a couple snorkeling among fish.


Snorkeling is one of the many fun cheap things to do in 30A, where you’ll find plenty of pristine white sand and clear emerald waters. The area also has paddleboard and kayak rentals so you can explore the area’s assortment of snorkel reefs. You might spot awesome marine life like sea urchins, stingrays, lionfish, and more! If you’re looking for the most ideal way to explore the incredible reefs of 30A, you will want to book a snorkeling tour.

{Read Reviews & Book 30A Snorkeling Tours Online}


10. Dolphin Cruises


Dolphins jumping through the waves in 30A

Pictured above are dolphins jumping through the waves.


Embark on a family adventure in search of beautiful dolphins. As one of the most fun and cheap things to do in 30A, dolphin cruises are a fantastic way to have up-close encounters with these mesmerizing creatures and other amazing marine animals such as sea turtles, herons, sharks, and more! There are all sorts of dolphin cruises that will appeal to everyone in your group.

{Read Reviews & Book 30A Dolphin Cruises Online}


11. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park


Dolphins swimming at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park in 30A

Pictured above are dolphins swimming at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. Image courtesy of gulfarium.com.


Just minutes from Destin Harbor, Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is one of the cheap things to do in 30A that’s worth checking out. Enjoy watching trained animals such as sea lions and dolphins perform exciting shows by jumping and dancing throughout the day. In between shows, check out the engaging animal exhibits and the interactive aquarium.

{Read Reviews & Book Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Admission Tickets Online}


12. Explore on a Bike


Couple bike riding on the beach in 30A

Pictured above is a couple bike riding on the beach.


A great way to explore 30A is by riding a bike. Journey through the area’s neighborhoods or check out the parks and nature trails. Trekking through the area on a bike has its benefits. Not only is it one of the fun and cheap things to do in 30A, but you can avoid traffic congestion and burn off some calories!

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13. Dinner Cruises


Dinner buffet onboard a cruise in 30A

Pictured above is a dinner buffet onboard a cruise.


Venturing on a dinner cruise is one of the most unique experiences in 30A. Enjoy the day or evening cruising around Choctawhatchee Bay and dining on a delicious meal. While you’re on the cruise, head over to the top observation deck for breathtaking views.

{Read Reviews & Book 30A Dinner Cruises Online}


14. Jet Skiing


Woman riding on a jet ski in 30A

Pictured above is a woman riding on a jet ski.


Looking for cheap things to do in 30A? Jet-skiing is a fun and exciting way to explore some of the area’s best beaches. Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, you can ride past Crab Island and explore some of the area’s most beautiful secluded islands.

{Read Reviews & Book 30A Jet Ski Rentals Online}


15. Paddleboarding


Woman paddleboarding through the waters in 30A

Pictured above is a woman paddleboarding through the waters.


Paddleboarding in 30A is a fun family activity and is a popular watersport among locals and tourists alike. When you paddleboard in 30A, you’ll have the chance to see dolphins and other amazing marine life. There are several options for renting paddleboards or taking guided tours.

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