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9 Best Tourist Attractions in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Mike Fisher

9 Best Tourist Attractions in Gulf Shores, Alabama

GULF SHORES, ALABAMA: A trip down to the beach to splash and swim is never a bad idea. Relax and rejuvenate on under an umbrella, challenge the waves on a surfboard, or build a sandcastle with your kids and take in the sun. Whatever you choose, the beautiful white sands in Gulf Shores and the neighboring Orange Beach are prepared for the occasion.

The town of Gulf Shores itself is also quite the spectacle. With amusement parks, great entertainment, and an unreal offering of sweet outdoor activities, the town's charm covers a lot of ground. To help you make sense of it all we've put together a shortlist of the 9 Best Tourist Attractions in Gulf Shores Alabama!

9 Best Tourist Attractions in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Live Music and Entertainment

Tourist Attractions in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores is an underrated destination for live music and awesome entertainment options. A variety of beachy bungalows and chill oceanside bars are the perfect destination to catch a show or take someone special out on the town. Enjoy great tropical drinks and live tunes at places like Flora-Bama Lounge, Flipper's Seafood, and Pleasure Island. Or, if you are looking for laughs or simply a reason to enjoy a special occasion, check out Brandon Styles Show, complete with spot-on impressions and one-of-a-kind magic tricks that are sure to dazzle!

Get your tickets to see BRANDON STYLES SHOW Impressions & Magic and get ready for an evening of incredible theatrics, deadpan, and charm!

Picturesque Coastline

Gulf Shores Alabama Beaches
Image from Peakpx

Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's right there in the name! Indeed, the Gulf Shore down here in Southern Alabama is less crowded than similar settings in Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle. Enjoy miles of incredible coastline and sugar white sands fit for whatever you're into. Build a sandcastle with the kids, grab a standup paddle board and test your skills, or gather the gang for a friendly game of beach volleyball! Whatever you end up doing to pass the time, chances are the beaches of Gulf Shores ready to amaze!

Take it all in on an incredible Gulf Shores Helicopter Tour. Book online for the best deals in town!

Spectacular Displays of Marine Wildlife

dolphin cruises Gulf Shores

Sparkling waters and an abundance of bright sunny days can make anyone smile. Throw some bottlenose dolphins, majestic marine birds, and the occasional sea turtle sighting into the mix and you have yourself one of the top tourist attractions in Gulf Shores, Alabama! Enjoy dazzling displays of sea bird antics from local Gulls, Pelicans, Blue Heron, and Ospreys as an appetizer to the main attraction of dancing dolphins! Local charters and their captains know exactly where to go and how to attract these super-intelligent creatures to the side of the boat. Who knows, you might even get a glimpse at a Manatee in the surf!

Secure your spot on a Gulf Shores Dolphin Cruise for a guaranteed meet and greet with Flipper and the gang!

Next-Level Sailing

Sailing Lessons Gulf Shores

Ask a nautical and they will tell you that the ideal conditions for sailing include spacious waters, sunshine, and medium winds. Lucky for you, Gulf Shores hits all these points and more, making it the perfect destination for sailing adventures and lessons out on the surf. One of the oldest and most celebrated skills in history, learn how to recover from a capsize and how to get the most out of every gust of wind. From the Vikings to Columbus and now on to you! Get out there and show them what you've got!

Gulf Shores Sailing Tour tickets are right here when you want them! Book online for the lowest prices anywhere!

A Bounty of Incredible Fishing

Fishing Charters Gulf Shores
Image by Florida Fish and Wildlife via Flickr

Climb aboard one of Gulf Shores many fishing charters for an unreal trip out into the ocean blue. Catch incredibly tasty fish species like Amberjack, Snapper, and Grouper to take home to family and friends. All you need is a thirst for adventure and a passion for the great outdoors. Fishing charters even include fishing supplies and a fishing license. The best part of all are the incredible captains and crews that make it possible. The captains will safely take you to the best fishing spots around all while the crew cater to all of your fishing needs, including baiting the line, taking fish off the hook, and filleting your dinner! You can also fish inland spots like Oyster Bay, Little Lagoon, or Shelby Lakes if a trip out to sea is too daunting.

Hook em' and reel em' in and the friendly folks on Gulf Shores Fishing Charters will take care of the rest!

Extreme Watersports

Jet Ski Rental Gulf Shores

Wide open spaces is not just an incredible album by the Dixie Chicks! It also represents the perfect conditions for jet skis, stand up paddle boards, and boogie board extravaganzas on the Emerald Coast. The perfect weather, water, and white sandy beaches are all friends of fun and active attractions out on the surf. Roar through the waves on an Ocean Jet Ski and explore the inlets, jetties, and lagoons! Or, if you want to slow things down a bit, a stand up paddle board or boogie board is great exercise and also a riot of a good time. Rent one, rent two, and bring your friends and family for a day of awesome activities on the coast!

Gulf Shores Jet Ski Rentals are always the perfect idea for incredible memories on the Emerald Coast!

Wild Alabama

Hiking Gulf Shores

In addition to the scenic coastline and sparkling Emerald Waters a few of the biggest and best tourist attractions in Gulf Shores Alabama are the Hugh S. Branyon Back Country Trails and Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. A couple of protected habitats for local wildlife, both Branyon and Secour deliver incredible views and picturesque settings to meditate, hike, or enjoy an outdoor picnic! Get up close and personal with gators, turtles, butterflies, and regional birds like the Snowy Plover and Oystercatchers, as well as interesting vegetation such as coastal wildflowers and deer moss.

Get all of the great views you can handle on a Gulf Shores Hot Air Balloon Ride into the wild unknown!

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Monkey around and scurry on down to one of the biggest and best wildlife exhibits on the entire Emerald Coast at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. A family-friendly destination with over 500 different animal species like tigers, kangaroos, and parrots, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is guaranteed to amaze and educate even the most well-read visitors and wildlife enthusiasts. Enjoy in-person lectures and meet and greets with the animals or cruise around to see the various animals from across the globe!

The Wharf Shopping Center

The Wharf Orange Beach

One of the top spots for shopping and live entertainment in the region, the Wharf Shopping Center in Orange Beach boasts a long list of top designers and merchandisers. Explore the racks at Lucca, Archipelago, or The Orange Grove and treat yourself to a new outfit before you head on over to Build-a-Bear Workshop and grab something for the kiddos. Enjoy great dining options or even catch a movie at AMC Theatres or some live music at their state of the art Wharf Amphitheater! When you're at the Wharf, anything goes!

Head on over to TripShock's Gulf Shores destination guide for everything you need to know about the Alabama coast!

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