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Kissing a Dolphin was my Favorite Memory
May 23rd 2019

Kissing a Dolphin was my Favorite Memory

How did you discover this activity?

I found it on Google.

When did you book your tour compared to the departure date?

I booked the day of the activity. I did want to swim with the dolphins, but they ran out of spots, so I suggest booking a few days in advance.

Why did you choose this activity?

I love animals probably more than people, and I wanted to learn more about marine life. They did not disappoint!

How did you get to the activity location?

It was a quick 5-minute drive from our condo.

What was your experience with the activity's staff?

Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Highlights or memories you and your group will take from the trip?

I have always been interested in learning more about marine life. Where I am from we only have a zoo, so I had never been to a dolphin show or a seal show before this. It did not disappoint!

I could tell all of the workers loved their jobs and were very passionate for the animals they work with. You can definitely tell the animals are very happy too, and that they know that these wonderful people saved their life.

My favorite memory of my trip was the kiss I got from a bottlenose dolphin. Never in my life would I have imagined getting to spend 15 minutes hanging out and playing with a dolphin.

Not only can you meet dolphins, but they have all kinds of other animals you can meet like seals, rough toothed dolphins, sea lions, and penguins! I would love to try them all.

As you are walking around, you can get up and personal with avlot of animals like birds and reptiles, and learn some things about them.

It is an experience of a lifetime, and I will definitely visit this place every time I'm in Florida!

Would you recommend this activity to another group like yours? Why or why not?

Yes, it's a wonderful experience to do solo or with your family. The prices were very reasonable.

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