Pensacola Beach-Navarre Group Activities, Tours & Attractions

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Jun 14 - Jun 20

Scenic Bay Dolphin & Sunset Tours

146 ratings
1.5 - 2 Hrs.
Cruise the Bay on a 49-passenger tour boat on this Scenic Bay Dolphin Tour! This fun in the sun, super relaxed activity is great for all ages. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the magic around you as you take in some amazing views, listen to your favorite music, learn about marine wildlife, and watch out for playful dolphins. Book your Scenic Bay Dolphin Tour today!
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2 Hour Pensacola Bay Sunset Cruise

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2 Hrs.
End your day in a beautiful way with this Pensacola Bay Sunset Cruise! Relax with family and friends as you cruise atop the water anticipating the sky's stunning spectacle at sunset. Admire the natural beauty of the area as you keep an eye out for wildlife such as sting rays and dolphin swimming beneath the waves. Witness the sky explode in an array of colors as the sun dips below the horizon. There is no place like the water to experience the wonders of a sunset, so book your Pensacola Bay experience today!
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Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park Admission Tickets

1,638 ratings
Get ready for a day filled with education and entertainment at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. See trained animals, like dolphins and sea lions, perform shows by dancing and jumping for you throughout the day. Animal exhibits throughout the park will captivate your attention between shows. See penguins, sharks, sting rays, pelicans, dolphins, and sea lions. Located on the beach in Fort Walton and just a few minutes from the Destin Harbor, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is the place to spend a relaxing afternoon with marine animals. Get your ticket today!
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Pensacola Beach Sunset Dolphin Cruise

263 ratings
2 Hrs.
This Sunset Dolphin Cruise in Pensacola Beach offers the best cruising experience on Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast. Cruise atop the water and spy dolphin, birds, and the other marine life in the pristine waters off Pensacola's beautiful coast along the protected Gulf Islands National Seashore. This guided cruise, led by experienced and entertaining captains is the right way to end your day so book your spot now!
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Booked 4 times in last 48 hrs

Perdido Key Banana Boat Rides

40 ratings
7 - 10 Min.
Looking for something a-peel-ing? Take a banana boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico! Safe, fun, and just this side of the extreme, you'll laugh and splash while cruising the most beautiful stretch of beach you've ever seen. You'll bounce through the waves while being pulled by a jet ski, so gear up and grab on for the ride of your vacation! Book today!
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2 Hour Pensacola Beach Dolphin Cruise

150 ratings
2 Hrs.
Hang out on the absolute happiest dolphin boat in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Listen to music and have fun as you explore the beautiful scenery and sights of the bay. Cruise around and keep an eye out for marine life such as stingrays, sea turtles, sharks, and dolphins! You will also get the chance to see the Pensacola Lighthouse, Fort Pickens, and even the Pensacola Navy Base. This is the perfect activity for all ages. Book your spot on this 2 Hour Dolphin Cruise today!
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Booked 10 times in last 48 hrs

Pensacola Beach Sunset Tiki Cruise

36 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Are you and your favorite crew looking for something fun to do out on the water? If so, then look no further than this Pensacola Beach Sunset Tiki Cruise. This tiki cruise features your very own tiki bar and captain so you can sit back and relax while you feel the light breeze kiss your face. Beautiful, entertaining, and one of a kind, experience the vibrant dancing colors of the sunset on Little Sabine Bay. Don't miss your chance to see Pensacola Beach at its best, book today!
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Scenic Dolphin Cruise and Tour of Pensacola Bay

217 ratings
1.5 - 2 Hrs.
Join in on this Scenic Dolphin Cruise and Tour of Pensacola Bay and enjoy sailing away on the Jolly Dolphin. You will cover 20 miles roundtrip as you set out to explore the beautiful sights around you. Watch for dolphins and other marine life as you pass by iconic Pensacola Beach landmarks. Set sail today and experience breathtaking views of the Bay and Gulf of Mexico with this shared or private tour. Don't miss your opportunity to get up close and personal with one of nature's most majestic animals, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Book today!
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Booked 3 times in last 48 hrs

Pensacola Beach Parasailing Adventure

217 ratings
1 Hr.
A must-have on your next visit to the beach! Soar sky-high over the gorgeous waters of Pensacola Beach on an exciting Parasailing Adventure with up to three people at once. Get a bird’s eye view of the city, the mesmerizing water, sea turtles, dolphins, and so much more. Go above and beyond and book your parasailing adventure today!
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Booked 2 times in last 48 hrs

Pensacola Beach Daytime Dolphin Cruise

503 ratings
2 Hrs.
Join in on the best cruising experience with this Pensacola Beach Daytime Dolphin Cruise. See Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast as you cruise aboard a 63' open-air, covered catamaran - the Portofino I - and spy dolphin, birds, and the other marine life. Admire the beauty of the pristine waters off Pensacola's beautiful coast, along the protected Gulf Islands National Seashore. Your guided cruise sets sail soon. Book your spot today!
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Daytime Dolphin Cruise

305 ratings
2 Hrs.
Step on to Captain Buddy's pontoon boat and get ready to watch wild dolphins jumping and surfing behind and around the vessel! Protected by the barrier island of Santa Rosa and connected to the Gulf of Mexico, the biggest sea port in the city is Pensacola Bay. This system includes Escambia Bay, Pensacola Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay, the Santa Rosa Sound, and four rivers. The largest estuarine system in Florida, this area is home to hundreds of different types of animals - from sea life like dolphins and other mammals to birds and more! Take advantage of outside decks for some dolphin-viewing and sightseeing. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy your cruise with Captain Buddy. Book today!
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Night Time Glow Paddle - Margaritaville Pensacola Beach

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45 Min.
As darkness falls and the stars twinkle above, embark on a journey like no other. Step into an innovative clear bottom kayak and prepare to be amazed. The transparent hulls reveal a mesmerizing spectacle as you glide through the water, witnessing the awe-inspiring glow that emanates from below. Every paddle stroke sends ripples of enchantment through the tranquil waters, creating a trail of shimmering magic in your wake. Immerse yourself in the mystical ambiance as you connect with the underwater world beneath you. Marvel at the luminescent wonders that come to life during the nighttime hours. From bioluminescent plankton to captivating marine life, you'll witness a captivating display of nature's luminary beauty. Book your spot for this extraordinary nocturnal adventure and secure your clear kayak online today!
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2 Hour Private Dolphin Cruise and Sightseeing Tour (up to 6 passengers)

26 ratings
2 Hrs.
Embark on an exploration along the shimmering Gulf water of Pensacola on a 2 Hour Private Dolphin and Sightseeing Tour. Experience the fun and excitement of cruising through tranquil Pensacola Bay spotting pods of wild, bottlenose dolphins and more! Feast your eyes on peaceful seascapes in Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf of Mexico as bird life and aquatic life come into view. Share the thrill of a private dolphin cruise and get up close and personal to one of nature's most majestic sea mammals, the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin! Book today!
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4.5 Hour Pontoon Rental in Navarre Beach

10 ratings
4.5 Hrs.
Experience one of Florida's best kept secrets with this 4.5 Hour Pontoon Rental in Navarre Beach. See the area known as "Florida's Most Relaxing Place" by boat with free reign to explore and cruise the Santa Rosa Sound and see Opal Beach, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. You can enjoy snorkeling around the boat, cruising to see dolphins or simply relax and soak up the sun. This pontoon rental is perfect for families, friends, and large groups of all kinds. Book yours today!
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Pensacola Beach Jet Ski Rental

34 ratings
Zip around the glistening water of Pensacola Sound on a fast and agile jet ski with this Pensacola Beach Jet Ski Rental! Enjoy a short no-wake zone, meaning you can zoom through the waves sooner for more action-packer fun! Blast through the water and take in all the sights and sounds of the intercoastal waterway. Book your jet ski today!
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Pensacola Beach Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

22 ratings
2 Hrs.
Explore all around the Gulf Islands National Seashore on your very own jet ski and experience this unique Pensacola adventure with up-close views of wild dolphins. Let the professional tour guides at Laguna's Watersports lead you through local waterways and the most popular dolphin hangouts. Along this journey, you'll navigate the glistening emerald water of the Pensacola Sound, Pensacola Bay, and Pensacola Pass. Book your adventure today!
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Pensacola Beach Bay Tiki Cruise

6 ratings
1.5 Hrs.
Are you and your crew looking for something unique to do out on the water? If so, then look no further than the Pensacola Beach Bay Tiki Cruise. Take a few hours out of your day and enjoy some great music, drinks of your choice with close friends while cruisin’ around Little Sabine Bay. Beautiful, entertaining, and one of a kind, don't miss your chance to tiki the day away. Book now!
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Glow Daytime Glass Paddle - Margaritaville Pensacola Beach

1 rating
1 Hr.
This Daytime Glass Paddle tour at Margaritaville Pensacola Beach is an absolute must for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. As you step into the innovative clear bottom kayaks, you'll be amazed by the crystal-clear view that lies beneath you. The transparent hulls allow you to witness the vibrant marine life as you glide gracefully across the pristine waters. With every stroke of your paddle, you'll feel connected to the aquatic world beneath you, creating an immersive experience like no other. Book your clear kayak online today and secure your spot for this extraordinary journey!
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Gulf Coast Beach Portraits

113 ratings
Join this fun, laid-back, and passionate photographer who captures families enjoying the beautiful Gulf Coast! Not into the beach? Not a big deal, the photographer can also meet up with you on one of your activities such as charter fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, sailing, and more! Vendor captures the spirit, emotion, and moments of time standing still for your viewing and posting pleasure. Don't miss the opportunity to capture those moments that will last a lifetime. Book your Gulf Coast Beach Portraits package today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of group activities are available in Pensacola Beach-Navarre?

The top activities for groups in Pensacola Beach-Navarre are dolphin cruises, fishing charters, beach photography sessions, day trips and excursions, city tours, private tours, bus tours, pontoon rentals, escape rooms, and jet ski rentals.

2. What's the advantage of booking as a group as opposed to everyone booking individually?

Booking as a group means savings, discounts, peace of mind, customization, and that any special accommodations and requests can be met. Some tour providers require additional information for group bookings, as well, so reserving as a unit is a great way to ensure a smooth and easy experience.

3. Will our tour or activity be private?

This depends on a few things like the size of your group and the activity that you choose. If you would like for your tour or activity to be private, it is recommended to book with a Group Sales Specialist, and let them know this when making your reservation. For more information about group reservations, click here:

4. Are there any good group activities in Pensacola Beach-Navarre for those with limited mobility?

The top handicap accessible tours for groups in Pensacola Beach-Navarre are as follows: Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park tickets, pontoon rentals, bus tours, city tours, animal encounters, dolphin cruises, escape rooms, dinner cruises, and more! Before booking, be sure to review the restrictions, as they will have important information regarding accessibility.


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