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Find Your Favorite New Orleans Plantation Country Tours

Mike Fisher

September 27th 2019

Find Your Favorite New Orleans Plantation Country Tours

Plantation Country is home to some of America's most beloved age-old estates. Dating back to the 18th century, plantation homes have experienced over 200 years of strife, innovation, and grandiose lifestyles. Plantation Country is located approximately one hour from New Orleans, LA, making the historic region a top destination for visitors from around the world!

Tour providers and plantation owners offer various tours to choose from. Spend your morning exploring an ancient swampland teeming with alligators, snakes, and marine mammals, and an afternoon sipping sweet tea at the famous Houmas House! There are activities and attractions for all ages and interests in New Orleans Plantation Country. Keep reading to Find Your Favorite New Orleans Plantation Country Tours!

Table of Contents

  • Why Visit a New Orleans Plantation?
  • Popular Plantations to Tour in New Orleans
    • Laura Plantation
    • Oak Alley Plantation
    • San Francisco Plantation
    • Houmas House
    • Destrehan Plantation
    • Whitney Plantation
  • Different Types of Plantation Tours
  • Important Things to Remember



Why Visit a New Orleans Plantation?


front view of oak alley plantation

Oak Alley Plantation attracts thousands of visitors every year


From the history to the jaw-dropping architecture, there are many reasons one may want to visit a Louisiana plantation. The restored slave quarters of Destrehan Plantation, for example, offer history and insight into America’s past, and the scenery alone has been enough to grace the silver screen! Oak Alley, for example, was featured in scenes from True Detective and Interview with a Vampire.

With many different interests to consider, it may be difficult to decide which plantation to visit. With some plantation tours geared more towards the historical side, and others boasting the grandiose and luxurious lifestyle of plantation owners, it can be overwhelming. With that being said, check out these popular New Orleans plantations, and discover which one of these pieces of history you want to explore!



Laura Plantation


front view of laura plantation

Cheery and bright on the exterior, guided tours of Laura Plantation reveal a much darker history


Laura Plantation has been called "the best history tour in the U.S." and the "Top Travel Attraction in Louisiana" by the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association in 2007! There are 11 sites on the estate that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

That, along with 5,000 pages of historical documents detailing over 250 years of life at the plantation, means visitors are treated to a fascinating tour unlike any other! In a recent traveler story, two friends recommend Laura Plantation for their amazing tour guides, the history, and the vibrant colors of the plantation home itself.

Use the “Book Now” button below to take in all of the history at Laura Plantation:


book new orleans laura plantation tours


Oak Alley Plantation


view from second floor of oak alley plantation

Taking a tour of Oak Alley Plantation will yield incredible views like this one


Oak Alley Plantation was built in 1839, and to this day continues to astound visitors with its 28 ancient oaks guiding visitors to the elaborate entrance adorned with towering white columns and twisted iron-black trimming. The site of epic cinema including "Primary Colors," and "Days of Our Lives," Oak Alley Plantation is dignified southern extravagance at its finest. Tour the rooms of this early American home tastefully enhanced with antique decor, then walk the grounds for a firsthand view of majestic gardens and swamp lands bordering the property.

Use the “Book Now” button below and take in all of the majestic beauty of Oak Alley Plantation:


book new orleans oak alley plantation tours


San Francisco Plantation


amazing views from the san francisco plantation tour

Tour guides will escort you through all 14 rooms of the plantation home and the grounds in period attire


San Francisco Plantation is perhaps the most eclectic plantation on Plantation Road. Tours to San Francisco Plantation feature an in-depth look at the extravagant gardens surrounding the home, and an up-close look at the architecture and design of the "Layer Cake" Plantation!

Find out why they call San Francisco Plantation the “Layer Cake” Plantation by using the “Book Now” button below:


book new orleans san francisco plantation tours


Houmas House


houmas house plantation home and garden

The home and lush gardens you encounter when touring Houmas House are beautiful beyond measure


If you’re looking for plantations with stunningly scenic views, Houmas House is considered by many to be the "Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road." 38 acres of lush and lavish gardens create the perfect backdrop to this 19th century mansion. Antique furniture, decor, and works of art line the walls, floors, and ceilings of Houmas House's 16 illustrious rooms. Don’t forget to grab lunch at the famous Cafe' Burnside for a splendid sampling of creole and cajun delights!

Spend the day, or the afternoon, at Houmas House by clicking the “Book Now” button below:


book new orleans houmas house plantation tours


Destrehan Plantation


view of destrehan plantation

Destrehan Plantation tours interpret the lives of the free and enslaved former residents


Destrehan Plantation is recorded as the oldest colonial plantation home in New Orleans Plantation Country! Experience over 200 years of vibrant history at this infamous plantation. Rumored home of nefarious pirate Jean Lafitte, the walls of Destrehan Plantation offer up more history than most U.S. museums.

Use the “Book Now” button below and see the oldest colonial plantation home in New Orleans Plantation Country for yourself:


book new orleans destrehan plantation tours


Whitney Plantation


visitors touring whitney plantation

Image of guests touring Whitney Plantation by Bill Leiser via Wikimedia


Whitney Plantation opened its doors in 2014 for the first time in 262 years! Through exhibits, artwork, and restored buildings, see life on a plantation through the eyes of both the enslaved and land-owning residents. As another plantation featured on the National Register of Historic Places, Whitney Plantation is sure to impress with an extensive cache of historical pieces dating from the 18th century to today!

Use the “Book Now” button below to tour the beautiful and historical Whitney Plantation:


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Different Types of Plantation Tours


Now that you may have a better idea of which plantation you would like to tour, all you have to do is decide how you want to tour it!


different types of new orleans plantation tours


Important Things to Remember


No matter which plantation you visit it, or which tour you decide to take, there are a few important things to keep in mind that affect all plantation tours across the board:

  • Distance and Travel Time: In general, it is important to arrive to your scheduled tour in advance. Please be aware that the closest plantation homes to New Orleans are still about an hour from the French Quarter. It is important to consider this when deciding how much time you need to factor in for travel.
  • Transportation: Many plantation tours offer transportation to and from the plantation, but some do not. Since plantations are about an hour from the French Quarter, Ubers and cabs can be expensive. Please read your voucher carefully and make sure you have transportation to and from the plantation covered.
  • Accessibility: Please be aware that in order to preserve the historic authenticity of these elegant homes, some may not be handicap accessible. If there is someone in your group that needs accommodations, please let your booking agent know, and they will find the tour that’s perfect for you!

Now that you’re prepared for your New Orleans Plantation Country Tour, all that’s left to do is experience the massive amount of history, incredible beauty, and everything else these plantations have to offer. Travel back in time with a plantation tour, and make memories for the future!


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