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Gulf World Marine Park: Panama City Beach's #1 Aquatic Attraction

Dan Woods

Gulf World Marine Park: Panama City Beach's #1 Aquatic Attraction

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL: Splash on down to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach for an amazing day out and about with the family! Action-packed and always a new experience, the Gulf World Marine Park boasts some of the most dazzling displays of marine wildlife you will find anywhere! From dolphins to sea lions, sharks, and penguins, get an up-close-and-personal look at these amazing creatures as they dance, feed, and swim! TripShock has the best deals on admission tickets, right here, right now. So what are you waiting for? Check out Gulf World Marine Park: Panama City Beach's #1 Aquatic Attraction today!

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Gulf World Marine Park: Panama City Beach's #1 Aquatic Attraction 

A Dolphin Experience for Everyone

gulf world marine parkThe bottlenose dolphin is one of the smartest, most agile creatures in the ocean. These majestic sea mammals travel in groups or "pods" of about 10 to 30, and can be found in most temperate and tropical waters worldwide including the Gulf Coast.

On top of being incredibly smart and nimble, dolphins are also quite personable. Get to know Flipper and the entire cast of dolphins local to Gulf World with one of several amazing dolphin swim tours. Plus, with year round access, there's no reason not to make your way down to the park today!

Dolphin Encounter Swim: The Dolphin Encounter Swim is designed for families with small children and curious adults alike. A terrific educational experience, learn more about these amazing species by interacting with them in the pool! In addition to standing in the pool, swimming, and meeting the dolphins face-to-face, attendees also get to participate in the "Hand Target" exercise where dolphins actually jump to touch your hands! Even better, each Dolphin Encounter Swim comes with a free kiss and a hug (cue collective "Aww").

Royal Swim: Arguably the most fun and unique of the several programs, this adventure is designed to blow your expectations out of the water. No, seriously. The dolphins will push you from the soles of your feet and you will rise out of the water so strike a pose and enjoy the view from above! Truly incredible! And of course with any Royal Swim you get a kiss, hug, and a handshake!

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dolphin swim tour panama city beachSwim Adventure: This is definitely one opportunity to interact with dolphins like you’ve never imagined. The Swim Adventure is different from the Royal Swim, but equally intense and fast paced. Grab a hold of the dolphin's pectoral fins and go on a sweet stroll by way of the belly-ride! Action and adventure aplenty! And if you were wondering, the answer is yes, you totally get a hug, kiss, and handshake while you're at it!

Stingray Bay? What Do You Say?

Head on down to Stingray Bay for 20,000 gallons of indoor habitat and all of the beautiful, majestic cownose stingrays you can handle. A relative of sharks, Stingrays are a cartilaginous fish local to tropical and subtropical waters.

aquarium panama city beach
Image by Ed Schipul via Flickr

Speaking of handle, can you handle handling a stingray in person? We sure hope so because that's what Stingray Bay is all about! Interact with and even feed these stealthy, slippery species as they glide effortlessly through your fingers and around the giant tank. Please be aware that because the professionals at Gulf World regulate how much the stingrays eat, you should check the daily schedule to make sure you can participate!

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Turtles, Sea Lions, and Sharks... Oh, My!

things to do in panama city beachGulf World Marine Park also has a long list of incredible encounters besides dolphins and stingrays. For example, you can see staff feed Nurse Sharks and Sea Turtles at their Shark & Turtle Channel and even learn a thing or two about marine conservation. Or, if you have any more space in your brain, you can meet up with and learn the difference between Seals and Sea Lions!

How about the birds? You had better believe they've got them! Penguins and parrots inhabit the grounds and are each silly yet spectacular in their own way. Squawk, speak, or slide, rain or shine, summer or winter, Gulf World Marine Park has a little something for everyone! Get your tickets today and get on down!

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