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Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Coupons

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Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Coupons

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida: Once you see the amazing deals on, you will be shocked at how affordable great family activities can be. The prices are second to none, absolute rock bottom. There are great Panama City Beach City Dolphin Swim Coupons available today.

You don't have to be the one seeing other people's vacations on social media. You and your family can be on a dolphin swimming tour before you know it. Do not wait another day.

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE: These deals will not be beaten anywhere. Redeem your Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Coupons online today!

Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Coupons - Best Dolphin Swims in FL


Swimming with dolphins will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Most people rank it at or near their favorite activities on the Gulf Coast. Water Planet USA, for example, is one of the highest rated tours in the entire state. They are also currently offering a tremendous deal which includes free snorkel gear rental for each member of the family.

Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Coupons
Snorkeling is one of our favorite family friendly activities. You might think corralling all the kiddos among the coral would be a headache, but the pros at Water Planet USA are there to help. Water Planet USA provides top notch gear, so you are guaranteed to be in good hands. You won't believe how close you get to the dolphins. You will even be able to hear them communicating with each other!

The satisfaction rate for people who have booked with the Water Planet USA Dolphin Experience is over 90%. I like those odds for your family to have an amazing time. Indeed, it's pretty hard to compete with getting so close to such intelligent creatures. Most dolphins are very friendly and will come right up to the group.

There are many options available for Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Tours, you will almost certainly have a tremendous time on any of them. Gulf World Marine Park also has some great opportunities for the family to meet dolphins up close. Every person that buys a ticket to swim with the dolphins gets FREE all-day general admission to the park. This deal will not last long, so you better book a trip today. 

Here are some of the highlights of a Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim Tour:

  • Fun for everyone, from the kids to the grandparents 
  • Extremely polite crew ready for any situation   
  • Affordable and fun for the whole family
  • Once in a lifetime interactions with dolphins
  • Daily departures at 9:00am and 1:30pm from March-November
  • Learn interesting facts about bottlenose dolphins

Panama City Beach Helicopter Tours

Panama City Beach is also a great place to take a helicopter ride. The sights around the city are to die for. You also won't believe how affordable tours are. has some tremendous coupons that will make the trip even cheaper.

Do not worry about the noise level, either. Each helicopter is equipped with state of the art noise reducing headphones to make the ride enjoyable for everyone. All pilots are very experienced and friendly. You will be in good hands.

Panama City Beach Swim Coupons

Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim coupons are very easy to apply when booking online. They are automatically applied to your price. You can even book your dolphin tour while riding in a helicopter straight from your cellphone. No need to waste time or print out coupons. Try any the following Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim coupons for the best deals on dolphin Swims in the city:

Swim With The Dolphins For Just $98!

The discount applies directly upon booking. Head to our Panama City Beach Dolphin Swim page to get started! (having trouble with your booking? Call 850-424-5125 for online assistance)

Dolphin Facts: Diving and Sonar

Panama City Beach Dolphins

You are probably already chomping at the bit to book a dolphin swim tour. Here are some more very interesting facts about bottlenose dolphins that will have you looking like the smartest person on the tour. For example, they can swim up to 853 feet below the surface. However, they can only stay underwater for around 15 minutes, so they usually stay in shallow water or near the surface.

Bottlenose dolphins also use a technique called echolocation to find food and navigate. The technique is done by sending ultrasounds through the water which are received by an organ called mellon that deciphers the message in a way that is very similar to sonar. This is one of the most sophisticated communication methods between animals that humans are aware of.

Can’t get enough dolphins and Panama City Beach? Head on over to our Panama City Beach vacationer’s guide to learn all about this iconic Florida beach town, and get all of the info you need to crush your next trip out of the park!

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