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New Orleans Aquarium Discounts, Deals, and Tour Highlights

Under the Sea

new orleans aquarium discountsJust steps away from the festivities of the historic French Quarter, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas awaits with a long list of incredible exhibits and spectacular displays of marine wildlife! One of the best ways to fill your days in the Crescent City, the Aquarium of the Americas is fun, informative, and beautiful.

From otters to penguins, sharks and rays, enjoy an afternoon deep-diving the inner workings of marine habitats from the Gulf of Mexico on down to the Amazon and beyond. The Gulf of Mexico tank in particular is a must-have. This massive 400,000 gallon tank full of sharks, rays, and tapons is a sweet representation of what ocean life is like offshore of the city and on out into the tropics. The Gulf exhibit even has a replica offshore oil rig that provides a glimpse into the complicated relationship between man and ocean.

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Another one of our favorite exhibits is their setup honoring the Mississippi River. One of the most important instruments of interstate commerce in early America and a big reason why New Orleans blossomed into the national treasure it is today, the Mississippi River's auxiliary rivers and tributaries carried goods to port from as far as Pennsylvania and Montana! What's even cooler is that the exhibit is actually set above the river, offering great looks and information at freshwater species like sturgeon, paddlefish, and alligators!

Marine Madness

audubon aquarium of the americasEver wonder about the day-to-day lives of Dory (Blue Surgeonfish) and Nemo (Clownfish)? The Audubon Aquarium has you covered? Contemplating the coexistence between different types of rays such as the Leopoldi Stingray, Southern Stingray, and the Cownose Ray? Come take a gander for yourself today!

The Audubon Aquarium's simulated habitats are truly top notch, which is a huge credit to the zookeepers and scientists on staff. From animal husbandry experts to biologists and top-tier veterinarians, the pros with the New Orleans Audubon Parks are some of the hardest working folks you will find anywhere!

Every trip to the New Orleans Aquarium is special. Sights, scenes, and sounds include the following and more:

New Orleans Aquarium Highlights Include...

Gulf of Mexico Exhibit
Great Maya Reef
Amazon Rainforest
Reef Rescue
Mississippi River
Parakeet Pointe
Penguins Exhibit
Stingray Touchpool

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New Orleans Aquarium Discounts 24/7

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Lionfish: King of the Gulf?

lionfish invasive species

The Lionfish is an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific that has taken the Gulf of Mexico by storm. Beautiful to look at but not so much fun to play with, the Lionfish is a poisonous poacher with no natural predators in the Gulf. Since its introduction by irresponsible aquarium owners, Lionfish populations have exploded and now threat native reef species like Grouper and Snapper. The Lionfish also pose a threat to the algae-eating parrotfish that keep seaweed growth on corral reefs at bay. Learn more about the Lionfish, its impacts on local waters, and what you can do to help combat their conquest on your next visit to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans!

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