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02/19/2019 ~ 02/25/2019

Which is the Best Swamp Tour in New Orleans?

Southern Louisiana is arguably the most eclectic portion of the United States. From the famous parades of the French Quarter, to the grand estates of Plantation Country,  the region emanates history, culture, and mystery. Perhaps one of the most stunning sights to behold are the many swamps and bayous peppered throughout New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Widely considered a can't miss New Orleans attraction, swamp tours exhibit the best of NOLA culture. Keep reading to learn about every major swamp near the Crescent City, and maybe then you'll be able to decide which is the best swamp tour in New Orleans!

Why a New Orleans Swamp Tour?

Swamp tours offer a little something for everyone. Spend an afternoon in pre-historic wetlands surrounded by exotic plants and animals including alligators, snakes, turtles, nutria, and a wide assortment of stunning birds. Tour guides are tried-and-true Louisiana natives, schooled in the history of each swamp. Want to learn more about the Creole lifestyle, or the infamous swamp monster "the rougarou"? Want to see the world as it was centuries ago, untouched by supermarkets, condominiums, and your neighborhood Walmart? Then a swamp tour is right up your alley!

alligator tours in new orleans

Is This OK For All-Ages?

One of the best features of this unique excursion is the all-ages appeal. Swamp tours in New Orleans are suitable for children 1 - 100. Experience the swamps on a laid-back, slow moving pontoon cruiser, or opt for the thrill of a high speed air boat ride! Swamp tour vehicles can be large enough to accommodate groups of over 100, or small private parties of under 6. However you want to experience the swamp (up-close and personal, or with plenty of space between you and the gators) there is a tour you'll love!

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So, Which is the Best Swamp Tour in New Orleans?

Honey Island Swamp

Located in St. Tammany Parish, Honey Island is one of the south's most popular swamp destinations. Named after a since-depleted honeybee population, Honey Island Swamp is a true sight to behold with hanging moss, Lilly-pad coated waterways, and a healthy population of giant green alligators! Millions of travelers flock to Honey Island for its untouched wildlife habitats that are home to alligators, wild boars, bears, and a large variety of sea birds!

If you're a fan of the supernatural, Honey Island Swamp is rumored to be home of the Big Foot-like "Honey Island Swamp Monster". With sightings dating back decades, the monster is a bonafide legend in NOLA and southern Louisiana!


→ One of the most pristine marshland environments in the country
→ Several exotic animals reside here
→ Home to the mythical Honey Island Swamp Monster!


Honey Island Swamp Tour With Optional Transportation

best swamp tour in new orleans

Owned and operated by NOLA natives, this popular swamp tour in New Orleans from Cajun Encounters offers an authentic and thrill-filled tour of Honey Island. The 2 hour narrated boat tour uses a more intimate 22 passenger boat to get you closer to the wildlife than ever before! Use Promo Code SWAMP43 to SAVE 10% on tickets when booking online - check out Honey Island Swamp Tour for details!

Manchac Swamp

The Manchac Swamp spans several small towns in Louisiana's Cajun country. The historical swamp is a favorite among travelers, with stunning wildlife, plant life, and un-sullied waters. Many natives still live in harmony with the swamp-lands, with waterfront homes and hunting posts scattered throughout. Locals love to tell the story of the voodoo queen Julia Brown's curse, creating a sense of magic and danger while exploring the many bayous and inlets of the Manchac Swamp.


→ One of the largest swamps in the NOLA region
→ Several exotic animals reside here
→ Home of voodoo queen Julia Brown and her swamp curse!


Manchac Swamp Tour with Optional Transportation

manchac swamp tour

This one-of-a-kind adventure through the Louisiana back-country is considered by many to be one of the best swamp tours in New Orleans! Both fascinating and educational, witness the dozens of swamp creatures including alligators and bald eagles aboard a spacious river cruiser! Learn about the unique culture of wetlands inhabitants, and the history of the Cajun town Frenier. SAVE 20% on tickets automatically, and an additional 10% with Promo Code SWAMP43 when booking online - check out Manchac Swamp Tour for details!

Gators are the real star of the NOLA swamp lands! Book a New Orleans Alligator Tour online at for the lowest prices and coolest excursions.

Barataria Swamp

Part of the Barataria Preserve outside Marrero, LA, Barataria Swamp is home to incredible swamp animals including over 200 species of birds. The swamp is named after a notorious French pirate and smuggler and his swashbuckling crew nicknamed the Baratarians. As part of a much larger waterway, it's not uncommon to see airboats zipping through the waters of the Barataria Swamp.


→ Part of the Barataria Preserve system of swamps, bayous, and hiking trails
→ Several exotic animals reside here including over 200 species of birds
→ Site of pirate activity in the 19th century and beyond


Airboat Tour From New Orleans

barataria swamp tour

1/2 thrilling and 1/2 educational, this all-ages tour offers a high speed ride through the swamps of Barataria. Get up close to gators and more wildlife, and learn from the Louisiana native who will guide and narrate this back-country excursion. Use Promo Code SWAMP43 to SAVE 10% on tickets when booking online - check out Barataria Swamp Tour for details!

Maurepas Swamp

Located approximately 25 miles west of New Orleans, Maurepas is mostly flooded cypress tupelo swamp. Some of the most stunning trees and fauna including Red Maple, American Elm, and Sugarberry inhabit this unique marshland west of NOLA. The swamp is used heavily for recreational purposes including hunting, fishing, and birding. Bird watchers can enjoy the sights and sounds of rare birds including Osprey, Egrets, and Black-bellied Whistling Ducks. The extraordinary nature found in this marshland makes Maurepas one of the top swamps to visit on a swamp tour in New Orleans!


→ Home to hundreds of diverse animal and plant species
→ Memorizing views of a flooded cypress tupelo swamp
→ Ever-changing landscapes appear different day-to-day based on water levels and season


Down On The Bayou - Plantation & Kayak Combo Tour

maurepas swamp tour

Spend some time exploring the historic Whitney Plantation before heading to Maurepas Swamp for a day on the water! Paddle through a flooded cypress tupelo swamp with a guide close by to show you the top sights including gators, eagles, and an assortment of ancient trees. Top off your day trip with lunch at a famous local soul food spot or cajun restaurant!

Now that you've learned about the most popular swamps in Louisiana, which tour do you think is best for you? From rare bird species, to legendary swamp monsters, there is something to draw you to every New Orleans swamp! Still not convinced a Swamp Tour in New Orleans is worth the trip? Check out our latest article, Why You Need to Take a New Orleans Swamp Tour!