The Best Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans | Info, Tickets & More

March 19th 2021
Dan Woods
The Best Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans | Info, Tickets & More

New Orleans, Louisiana: They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, and while that may be true, New Orleans, Louisiana, is also an insomniac. No matter what time of day you visit or what time of year, winter, fall, spring, or summer, the Crescent City is teeming with things to do and see. Sightseeing tours of New Orleans are the best ways to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

There are so many things to do including dining, museums, zoos, ghost tours, and more! If you’re wondering about the different types of sightseeing tours, keep reading to discover the BEST of New Orleans!

Table of Contents

  • What are the Best Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans?
    • New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours
    • New Orleans City & Katrina Tour
    • The Great Delta Eco Tour
    • Ghost & Graveyard Bus Tours
  • What Must I See in New Orleans?



What are the Best Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans?


riders on a guided ghost sightseeing tour of new orleans

Pictured above is a group enjoying a narrated tour with an informative guide through New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours


From the French Quarter to the Financial District and Downtown to the Garden District, there are so many exciting things to do and see! Honestly, the abundance of good times and historic sites can be overwhelming. If only you knew someone who could show you all of the hotspots, give context, and treat you to a good time in the process... if only!

Fear not would-be travelers, because we here at TripShock have a delightful surprise for you! A list of comfy, cozy, and guided ways to see the the city of NOLA. Indeed, like all of the options for fun, there are numerous sightseeing tours of New Orleans to choose from.

Options range from overview to intensive, from large groups to intimate, with each one offering a different take on how to best discover the Big Easy in all of its glory. Some of the most common sightseeing tours in New Orleans include:

  • Bus Tours
  • Boat Tours
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Walking Tours/Pub Crawls

In this article, we will focus on the most affordable, easy to reserve, and versatile sightseeing tours available to travelers, bus tours. You can check out the top bus tours in NOLA online at TripShock.

New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours


new orleans double decker hop on hop off bus tour

The image above is from a recent TripShock Traveler Story, where one NOLA visitor explains the ease and convenience of this New Orleans sightseeing tour


The New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour is the total package. And with Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour coupons available, that means 18 stops of spectacular New Orleans sightseeing action on your terms, at the best price!

Let’s say you prefer to explore the French Quarter or Jackson Square during the day time when it’s less hectic, and then want to head over to the Garden District for an evening stroll and/or dinner. No problem! Those 18 defined stops are there when you need them, and include popular locations such as:

  • Jackson Square
  • French Market
  • Canal Street
  • Riverfront
  • Superdome
  • The National WWII Museum
  • Magazine Street
  • Garden District
  • Mardi Gras World

Want to simply cruise around the whole city from East to West, enjoy the scenery, and kick back in your seat for the ride? You’re good there, too! Get on board by 3:30pm for a complete tour of the Crescent City. Even better, you can stretch this baby out over the course of 3 days, so you can really savor each street, site, and activity!

Tour Duration: Varies (2 Hours Per Loop)


  • Comprehensive city tour
  • 18 stops
  • Flexible schedules
  • Narrated
  • Classic double decker bus
  • 3-day pass includes complimentary tours of the French Quarter, Garden District, and Lafayette Cemetery


This is also a great way to simply have transportation to and from any activities or excursions you may have already booked, saving you time and money! For example, stop #7 at the Riverfront will take you right where you need to be to check in for your dinner cruise on the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen for a delicious Cajun supper. How delicious, and convenient!

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New Orleans City & Katrina Tour


home damaged by hurricane katrina seen on a bus tour

Pictured above is a New Orleans home that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and later was turned into a museum by the homeowners to celebrate the spirit of New Orleans. The blue spray paint indicates how high the flood waters were during the storm


A classic New Orleans city tour that hits all of the big fish and then some! Spend 3 hours cruising the city with a narrated tour guide, exploring every nook and cranny of New Orleans. Departing from Barataria Boulevard, make your way through Jackson Square, the Cabildo, and St. Louis Cathedral on your way to the French Quarter, Treme, and beyond!

Tour Duration: 3 Hours


  • Comprehensive city tour
  • Narrated
  • Morning and afternoon departures available
  • Morning tour includes a stop for beignets and coffee


One thing that is especially cool about this tour is its focus on those parts of the city, including infrastructure and historic neighborhoods, that are still suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Katrina. A powerful journey, and one that is sure to prompt plenty of great discussions, this one is a real crowd pleaser because it’s comprehensive, and perfect for kids, seniors, and groups alike!

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The Great Delta Eco Tour


a man on the great delta eco tour in new orleans

Pictured above is an image from the Great Delta Eco Tour in New Orleans, which allows you to see a completely different side of the city


A change of pace from your standard New Orleans sightseeing bus tour, this trip is for wildlife enthusiasts and folks looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Crescent City. Four hours of intensive ecotourism training, sightseeing, and scientific discussion, this tour is a sweet treat for those looking to expand their horizons and learn something about the delicate, yet rugged, swamps and bayou territory of southern Louisiana.

Discover how storms, floods, rising sea levels, and erosion all play a part in the shaping of the region. Even better, this tour gets you right up close to the action where you can observe alligators, turtles, snakes, and other incredible wildlife! Bird watching is definitely a popular activity on this tour, as you can expect to see some incredible birds of prey, including:


birds of prey found in the louisiana swamps


Duration: 4 Hours


  • Master naturalist led eco-tour
  • Travel to “Islenos” coastal fishing villages
  • Picnic lunch from a local restaurant
  • See swamps, rivers, and lakes

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Ghost & Graveyard Bus Tours


ghost and graveyard bus tour

The Ghost and Graveyard bus tour, pictured above, is a great way to find ghosts in New Orleans


Climb aboard this bus, if you dare, and prepare yourself for an evening of everything scary, spooky, and frightful in New Orleans! This New Orleans sightseeing bus will take you to the most infamous sites in the city, including the Port of Missing Men.

We here at TripShock really like this tour because of the actual tour guides themselves. Sure, the scenes and sights are frightening, but the tales of murder, hauntings, and other urban legends are literally to die for! After all of that (if you’re brave enough), venture off the bus and out into an actual cemetery for some real, live ghost hunting!

Duration: 2 Hours


  • Narrated ghost tour
  • Hear stories of America’s most haunted city
  • Visit locations outside of the French Quarter
  • Visit an actual cemetery

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What Must I See in New Orleans?

If you’re looking for the top landmarks in New Orleans to see while on your sightseeing tour, we’ll give you a few ideas.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is a historic and cultural hub for NOLA travelers. With some hotels, restaurants, and bars dating back 2 centuries or more, the French Quarter offers a glance into New Orleans old and new. While you’re there, enjoy traditional NOLA dining, drinks, architecture, artwork, and of course, hospitality.

Historic Cemeteries

The spooky side of New Orleans comes alive in one of the city’s many historic cemeteries. From notorious figures to great leaders... and even some ghostly residents, NOLA cemeteries are sight you can’t miss in New Orleans! For more must-see spots in New Orleans, try a guided tour exploring cemeteries in New Orleans, LA.



Now that you’re ready to roll through New Orleans on swanky sightseeing tours of New Orleans, there’s just a few more important things to remember. After booking your tour, please be sure to review your voucher. Some tours do require a printed voucher for ticket redemption.

Many tours also include some additional freebies like cemetery tours, walking tours, etc. Checking your voucher for these perks will ensure you don’t book a similar tour to what’s included, saving you time and money. There are so many ways to see NOLA during your visit, so why not get out and experience the Crescent City!



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