HOT New Orleans DEALS: Fall 2023

February 17th 2023
Mike Fisher
HOT New Orleans DEALS: Fall 2023

Autumn brings about cooler temperatures, thinner crowds, and a prime time to visit New Orleans, LA! Tour companies offer their lowest rates in the fall, with dozens of tours and activities from sightseeing to ghost hunting keeping visitors busy. Keep reading for New Orleans deals and promo codes on a full list of things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana, for cheap from!

Table of Contents

  • New Orleans Haunted Tours
  • New Orleans Sightseeing Tours
  • New Orleans Dining Tours
  • New Orleans Plantation Tours
  • More 2023 New Orleans Deals & Promo Codes



Here are the HOTTEST New Orleans Deals for Fall 2023


st. louis cathedral in jackson square

Many New Orleans Sightseeing Tours explore the French Quarter including Jackson Square (Pictured Above)


From hunting ghosts to dining at the most incredible French Quarter restaurants, there is no shortage of memorable things to do in New Orleans. Discover the top activities this fall, and the hottest New Orleans deals to save you money!


New Orleans Haunted Tours


french quarter during a haunted ghost tour

Many of the spookiest haunted tours take place in the French Quarter after dark


Considered by many the most haunted city in the nation, NOLA ghost tours rank among the best. Featured in TV shows and travel guides, New Orleans haunted tours are both terrifying and educational, visiting thrilling locations with documented supernatural activity!


cemetery in new orleans shot during ghost tour

This traveler went on a haunted tour with her family in this story about ghosts


There is no better time than Fall, specifically the month of October, to experience NOLA haunted tours, not only for atmosphere but for savings. The year’s biggest discounts are offered in the fall months, with tours featuring voodoo, vampires, and ghosts offered to aspiring ghoul hunters!

  1. Promo Code: NOLA55 for 10% OFF NOLA Haunted Tours
  2. Automatically Save up to $12 on select combination Haunted Tours!

{Read Reviews & Book New Orleans Ghost Tours Online}


New Orleans Sightseeing Tours


hop on hop off sightseeing bus infront of jackson square

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours from the Grayline tour company in New Orleans is a popular choice for sightseeing


Explore the city and see the sights of one of Travel & Leisure Magazine’s 2014 Top 10 Cities to Visit in the World! Whether by sea or by ground, on a steamboat or segway, New Orleans’ sightseeing tours are the most effective and efficient way to experience New Orleans.

The most popular city tour of 2023 has been the Hop On Hop Off Double Decker Bus Tour. With 18 stops, unlimited 3-day access, and FREE walking tours included in the ticket price, this New Orleans Bus Tour is unbeatable for both casual and hardcore tourists! Visit the Audubon Zoo, New Orleans swamp country, or the famous “Mardi Gras World” where floats are kept and maintained for the historic event, on a New Orleans Sightseeing Tour.

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  1. Promo Code: CQ10 for 10% OFF Creole Queen Tours
  2. Promo Code: SWAMP43 for 10% OFF NOLA Swamp Tours
  3. Promo Code: NCITY10 for 10% OFF New Orleans City Tours
  4. Promo Code: MARDIGRAS for 10% OFF Mardi Gras World Admission


New Orleans Dining Tours


eating gumbo in a new orleans restaurant

Gumbo is one of the most ordered dishes in New Orleans, home to the best Creole and Cajun cuisine - Image from Wikimedia


The “City of Chefs” stays true to its name with some of the most original and delicious food on the planet! Creole and Cajun-style cuisine originated on the streets of New Orleans and has been perfected by years of faithful practice.

Some of the most celebrated chefs in pop culture, including Emeril Lagasse, have grown to fame cooking in NOLA. Legendary restaurants including “Antoine’s” and “Commander’s Palace” are not only historic landmarks but home to extraordinary meals revered by food critics.

{Read Reviews & Book New Orleans Restaurants Online}


family at new orleans insectarium

NOLA is renowned for its eclectic food, including Fried Bugs! Check out one family’s experience eating bugs at the Insectarium


Dining Tours in New Orleans provide a simple way to sample the best of New Orleans food and drink without the hassle of reservations, traffic, or choosing from the hundreds of amazing restaurants and bars. Visitors love Mississippi River Dining Cruises, offering premier sightseeing and buffet-style Creole and Cajun dining, and for the more adventurous foodies and drink connoisseurs, pub crawls and restaurant walking tours offer an affordable first-hand look into New Orleans cuisine.

{Read Reviews & Book New Orleans Food Tours Online}

From learning to cook classic New Orleans meals, to simply tasting original drink concoctions including the Sazerac and Grasshopper, New Orleans Dining Tours have you covered. Check out 2023 New Orleans deals for dining below:

  1. Promo Code: RIVER99 for 10% OFF Dinner Cruises
  2. Promo Code: COOK45 for 10% OFF NOLA Cooking Class
  3. Promo Code: NOLA55 for 10% OFF NOLA Pub Crawl
  4. Promo Code: TASTE7 for 5% OFF Restaurant Tour


New Orleans Plantation Tours


oak alley plantation in louisiana

Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans


New Orleans’ Plantation Country holds several of the most magnificent and historically significant homes in the American South. Plantation guides inform history-lovers on the old-south, a time when New Orleans was a leading source of cotton and sugar. Antique furniture, decorations, and historic architecture not seen anywhere else is featured in these marvelous estates dating back more than two centuries!

Choose your favorite plantation, including mansions featured in TV and Hollywood blockbuster movies, or combine tours to visit multiple plantations and nearby ancient swamp lands! Many plantations offer on-site dining serving classic Louisiana recipes, and FREE Motor Coach transportation.

  1. Promo Code: PLANT13 for 10% OFF Select Plantations
  2. Promo Code: CMBO15 for 5% OFF Plantation Combo Tours

{Read Reviews & Book New Orleans Plantation Tours Online}


More 2023 New Orleans Deals & Promo Codes


There are even more deals on tours, attractions, and things to do in New Orleans this Fall 2023! From awesome Halloween activities in the French Quarter to world-class dining for two, there is plenty to do September - November.


people on a haunted carriage tour in new orleans


As you can see, there is no shortage of amazing times to be had when in the Big Easy. For a full list of promo codes on dozens of the top tours in New Orleans, head to, a site devoted to New Orleans deals!



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