Why You Need to Take a New Orleans Swamp Tour

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: The Mighty Mississippi River and it's auxiliary streams and swamps in Louisiana Bayou Country is one of the prettiest parts of America. Nestled somewhere between downtown New Orleans and scenic Plantation Country is a rugged wilderness packed with fantastic displays of regional flora and fauna. Explore the wild and wonderful Delta on a guided New Orleans Swamp Tour for an up close and personal adventure into the wild! Always educational and entertaining, our New Orleans Swamp Tour guide will fill you in on the why, what, and how of this magical excursion!

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Why You Need to Take a New Orleans Swamp Tour

A Much Needed Escape into the Unknown

Why You Need to Take a New Orleans Swamp Tour
You may be asking why you should check out the New Orleans swamps when the city has so much to offer. A fair question, for sure, but we assure you that taking a trip out into Nature is exactly you need to survive an extended stay in NOLA. Indeed, the first and foremost reason why you should check out a New Orleans Swamp Tour is simply to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

We all know that life is hectic--and vacations can be the same way. As such, it's essential that you take a second for yourself to stop and smell the Magnolias. This is especially true in a destination like New Orleans where you are running around to all the restaurants that your friends and family told you that you needed to visit (we have a few suggestions for terrific Creole and Cajun eats, as well).

Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate

We believe that for every night spent partying the night away on a New Orleans Dinner Cruise you should spend one unwinding and relaxing. A boat ride into the Louisiana Swamps will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated with blasts of fresh air and beautiful light displays as the sun dances through the moss-covered Cypress trees. Many tour companies provide pickups from downtown, as well, so no need to worry about driving anywhere or getting lost. The time alone will give you a chance to re-energize and refocus so that you can tackle Bourbon Street and really enjoy some fresh beignets!

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Mother Nature in All Her Glory

New Orleans Swamp Tour Deals
Rest and relaxation aside, the number one reason to take a New Orleans swamp tour is the water and wildlife. As you explore the swamps and streams of the Mississippi Bayou you will encounter a variety of plants and animals, from mammals and reptiles, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Some of the more popular terrestrial species you will notice are Deer, Raccoons, and Wild boars. The Mink is another semi-terrestrial, semi-aquatic carnivorous mammal (think Ferret, but brown) that loves to munch on Crawfish and other small baitfish. You will occasionally see these animals on a New Orleans Plantation Tour, as many of these magnificent estates were built on properties that border the Bayou's massive network of rivers and swamps.

Wings, Water, and Wild

With respect for the air and water species, a few of the aquatic birds you will notice are Darters, Ducks, Cormorants, Egrets and other herons. Herons are especially cool, as they stand almost one hundred percent still while waiting for their next strike on unsuspecting fish swimming at their feet! Also, if you are lucky, you may get to see an Owl or two or perhaps some great American Bald Eagles! Like the alligator (more on them in a moment), the Bald Eagle population has increased significantly due to years of local and national protective programs and policies.

And yes, speaking of alligators, these majestic, apex predators can be seen floating up and down the waters, lounging about, and waiting for their next meal. Truly a marvel to behold, these prehistoric reptiles are more or less used to swamp tours and are thus eager to swim up and around the boats as many different tours and tour guides will actually feed the gators--a fantastic display!

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Airboats and Other Swamp Rigs

New Orleans Swamp Tour CouponsWhen you think about New Orleans Swamp tours and the wild Louisiana Bayou an image of an airboat cruising through the cattails probably comes to mind. Airboats are one of several boat designs you will encounter when taking a swamp tour (as well as smaller John Boats and Swamp Pontoons--or as we like to call them, Swamptoons) out and about and are one of the coolest rigs you will ever see! Basically, an airboat is a flat-bottomed vessel that is propelled by a massive, airplane-like propeller encased by a fan cage and powered by a monster of an engine.

Besides swamp tours, these Airboats are used as sports vehicles by fishermen, hunters, and conservationists alike as the lack of an underwater engine and propeller allows them to navigate the shallow Delta waters and get close to the banks without getting stuck. A smooth ride and one with its own feel and aesthetic, an Airboat is the absolute best way to behold settings like Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana. Book a tour today and experience the magic for yourself! Trust us, this tour is an absolute must and something you will be super excited to hit every time you make it back to the Big Easy!

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Published Oct 25 2017
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