Pensacola, Florida is a great place to live, dine, and shop. Find your way down to the Inner Harbor Channel for sweet waterfront venues and scenic views, head on over to one of several parks in town to stretch out, or enjoy a nice Pensacola wine tasting. [readmore] And when the sun goes down, that's when the Downtown Pensacola nightlife scene starts to really heat up! Anywhere on Palafox south of Garden Street you will find the livliest spots in the city. Pensacola has many options, from lounges to dive bars to late night eateries and more. This is Your Guide to Downtown Pensacola Nightlife scene for serious fun out and about!

Your Guide to Downtown Pensacola Nightlife...

Pub Scene

Your Guide to Downtown Pensacola Nightlife

Calling all you lads and lasses! You had better believe the Pub Scene is a huge part of the downtown Pensacola Nightlife experience. With great options like McGuire’s, O’Rileys, O’Zone, Union Public House, and Old Hickory, well.. you get the picture. Each spot offers it’s own extravaganza of food, fun, and beverage. Looking for a traditional pub experience? Check O’Rileys Irish Pub Downtown and enjoy a game of darts, Irish fare, and a sweet patio! How about a hip spot for live music and a cool atmosphere? Look no further than McGuire’s. Grab top-notch food like steak, ribs, and other hearty favorites. Fish and chips? You know it. Enjoy your meal and some live music as you admire the walls of One Dollar Bills. No matter where you end up, you’ll be feeling lucky that you're partying it up downtown!

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Seville Quarter

Seville Quarter

The Seville Quarter is 7 Rooms of Fun and rocking good times. Pop on in to this classic nighttime destination for “Historic Pensacola with a Bourbon Chaser.” You can spend the whole night here, so come on in for a deluxe dinner of Po Boys, Seafood Baskets, and Pizza to get started! Enjoy the early evening sampling classic cocktails and great beer on tap while relaxing with friends, fellow patrons, and friendly staff. Then, get ready to party hardy and dance at Phineas Phogg’s Balloon Works two-story dance club! Take a break from the dance party and catch your breath with a game of pool in the pool hall, visit the saloon, or step outside into the Party Plaza for some of the biggest Live Music acts on the Emerald Coast! Want an intimate atmosphere to chat over cocktails? Yeah, the Seville Quarter has you covered there too!

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Pensacola Gallery Night

Pensacola Gallery Night

Pensacola has become an outstanding destination for artists. Both the University of West Florida and the Pensacola Museum of Art have provided a foundation that nurtures and promotes creativity and craft goods. As such, with so much interest in regional artwork and artists, Downtown Pensacola established "Gallery Night" one Friday a month where streets shut down starting at 5 PM. Galleries and boutiques alike open their doors and allow free entry to show off all of their colors, crafts, and flare. Meanwhile, restaurants and bars have live music, extend hours, and provide food and drink specials just right for the occasion! And while the festivities technically wrap up at 9 PM, the Downtown party goes all night long! If you are only going to hit the town one night a month, this is it!

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