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If you’re looking for a happy medium between the hustle and bustle of a Party Boat Fishing Trip and the intimacy of a Private Charter, we have the perfect fishing excursion for you! Next time you are wanting to drop a line, try a Semi-Private Fishing Charter. This excursion is great for all types of groups and skill levels!

Semi-Private Fishing is similar to Party Boat Fishing, in that multiple parties will come together for a common cruise. The main difference between the two, is that Semi-Private Charters will have a maximum capacity of around 15 passengers, as opposed to the 30-40 you can expect on a Party Boat. This is a great option because guests can still have the Party Boat experience, but in a more intimate, low-key setting.


Semi Private Party Boat


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How Long Should I Fish? Semi-Private Fishing Duration


Semi-Private Charters offer longer trips, which makes it great for those wanting to bring home a big catch! Customers can choose between 6, 8, 10 and 12 hour trips. Depending on which trip is selected, anglers will travel anywhere from approximately 10-20 miles out.

A good thing to keep in mind when deciding how long of a fishing trip to take is that it will be about half fishing and half traveling. For example, if you select the 8-hour trip, you will travel about two hours out, fish for four hours, then travel two hours back. Basically, the longer the trip, the further out you will travel into deeper waters. The good news is... deeper waters typically means bigger fish! So if you are wanting to bring home a fish tale to impress the folks back home, it is recommended to book a longer trip.


Semi Private Fishing Charter Reel


Restrictions and Rules


There are a few restrictions to keep in mind before booking a Semi-Private Charter. This trip is not recommended for children under 6 and pregnant women. Also keep in mind that fisherman on Semi-Private charters must be at least 18 to fish without parental consent, and the trip must have at least 8 passengers to debark. Handicap services are available on most boats. Please make your booking agent aware of any special needs so they can be properly accommodated.


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How do I Catch a Fish on a Semi-Private Fishing Boat?


Bottom Fishing is a very popular fishing technique that is used to catch fish found near the sea floor. This is what you can expect on a Semi-Private Charter. Anglers will drop their line to the bottom, reel in a few notches, and wait until there’s a catch to reel in.

Deckhands on board make this a seamless experience, as they assist with customer questions and concerns. Worried about handling a slippery Snapper? Don’t back out just yet! Experienced deckhands will happily release the fish from your line. After the trip, the crew will even fillet and bag your day’s catch, as long as the fish you catch meet regulation and are in season.


Catch of the Day


While Semi-Private Fishing is more expensive than Party Boat Fishing, it is still a great option for those who don’t want to pay for a Private Charter. The price is per person, not per hour, and starting at $120 there is definitely savings to be had! For a semi-private experience at this rate, it makes for an amazing fishing trip for first timers and experienced fishermen alike. If you want to test your skills, or just fish for the “halibut,” you can do it all on a Semi-Private Fishing Charter!


What’s Included? Equipment, Amenities, and More


Semi-Private Fishing Charters are also a great option for visitors, as most everything is included...

  • Boat equipped with restrooms and cabin (varies by charter)
  • Fishing license
  • Tackle and bait for each angler

Since the crew uses circle hooks and equipment used specifically for Bottom Fishing, the crew will use Mackerel, Squid, or Cigar Minnows as bait. Live bait is rarely available for a Semi-Private Fishing Trip.


Circle Hooks


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What Should I Bring?


There are a handful of items you will want to bring on your fishing charter to guarantee a successful trip:

  • Wash rag
  • Hat and sun glasses
  • Raincoat for possible seaspray and light rain
  • Suntan lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small cooler with food and drinks (no glass)
  • Camera for the perfect Instagram picture with your catch!
  • Cash (gratuity is optional, but highly encouraged)

If you would like to bring additional items, make sure to check with your booking agent or the boat’s captain first.


What Types of Fish can I Catch?


Depending on the season, location, and length of the trip, you will catch:

  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Amberjack
  • Triggerfish
  • Mackerel
  • Cobia

Red Snapper and Triggerfish are two very popular species of fish that are caught on a Semi-Private Fishing Charter. These fish, along with a few others, can be caught and kept only during certain times of the year and only if they meet a minimum length and/or weight requirement. If there is a specific species you are wanting to keep, it is recommended to check out one of these links to make sure it is in season:


*Please note that some fishing seasons are short. If there is a specific species you are wanting to target, please book in advance.


Party Boat Crew


Click here for Florida Red Snapper season guidelines


Fishing Permits


Another important thing to keep in mind when targeting a specific species is the type of fishing permit the boat has. A Semi-Private Fishing Boat can have either a State Fishing Permit or a Federal Fishing Permit. This will impact which species you are allowed to catch and keep. Please use the links below as a guideline:



Keep a Semi-Private Fishing Charter in mind next time you are looking for a fishing adventure! With an experienced captain and crew, an intimate setting, and all of the fish in the sea, it is sure to make for an amazing and memorable experience!


Semi Private Fishing Trip


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