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From fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, to the East Coast and the bays and bayous in between, there is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect excursion for you and your crew. Such things as how many people are in your party, the ages of the children in your group, the species of fish you are wanting to catch, and other factors are all important when selecting a fishing charter. Fishing comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re looking for the “lure of your life,” check out TripShock’s Official Fishing Guide.


Types of Fishing Trips


There are plenty of fish in the sea, and many different means to catch them. Whether fishing miles out into the deep blue, or just minutes from shore, there is a trip to accommodate your group.

Party Boat Fishing is a popular form of fishing that will take you deep-sea to target different types of reef fish, and accommodate larger parties. Semi-Private Fishing is similar to Party Boat Fishing, but is intended for smaller groups. Private Charters are a great option for a more intimate experience, and come in all shapes and sizes. Keep reading for more information about fishing, and pick the charter that is best for you!


Party Boat Fishing


While Party Boat Fishing is definitely a great time, it is called a “Party Boat” because multiple parties will come together for a common cruise. The size of the trip will typically range from 30 to 40 people, and is the most cost-efficient option. With an experienced captain and crew, this fishing excursion is great for beginners and experienced fishermen alike! Learn more about Party Boat Fishing - CLICK HERE

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Semi-Private Fishing


Semi-Private Fishing is similar to Party Boat Fishing, in that multiple parties will come together for the same cruise. Semi-Private Fishing, however, typically has a maximum capacity of about 15 passengers, making it great for those who enjoy Party Boat Fishing, but would like a more intimate experience. Learn more about Semi-Private Fishing - CLICK HERE


Private Charters


What is a Private Charter, you ask? The name speaks for itself! When you book a Private Charter, it will be you, your group, the captain, and his first mate. And since these boats have a maximum capacity of 4-6 passengers, this makes for the most exclusive experience.

There is also more freedom when it comes to fishing on a Private Charter. While there is a 4-hour minimum, you can choose the duration and the species you would like to target. There are many different types of Private Charters to choose from including:

To learn more about Private Fishing Charters - CLICK HERE


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Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater fishing is another popular option, and this will typically take place in rivers, ponds, streams, and lakes. This is ideal for novice anglers, as it can be enjoyed from the shore, minimal equipment is required, and it will usually take place in calmer waters, depending on your location. Freshwater fishing is available year-round, and our Complete Freshwater Fishing Guide is perfect for finding the best time and season to go fishing, for every type of angler!



While there is a lot to consider when booking your adventure to “reel in the big one,” there is definitely a trip perfect for you! And of course, if you’re still unsure, check out the top fishing trips across the USA offered by, the #1 online tour and attraction booking website. With live, local agents available 7 days a week, your excursion will be one for the books... or should I say, one for the hooks!



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