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30 Best Things You Can Do in New Orleans by Month

Tess Hart

30 Best Things You Can Do in New Orleans by Month


New Orleans, Louisiana, is a place that absolutely everyone needs to go to at least once, but to experience it all you will want to check this town out again and again and again. With mild winters and enough frozen drinks to combat the hot summers, there is no time of year that wouldn't be a blast here. But just incase you're not sure when to plan your trip, we thought we'd cover the best things you can do in New Orleans by month!

From Mardi Gras fun, to historic plantation tours, the time of year can drastically change your vacation itinerary. To find the best tours, attractions, and things you can do in New Orleans year-round, check out TripShock's list of fun ideas below.



Things to do in January

You might think visiting New Orleans in the dead of winter would limit your options, but think again! The Big Easy is filled with great indoor activities to keep your winter vacay exciting.


1. Be Entertained and Educated at the National WWII Museum


national wwii museum new orleans


One of the most popular places to go in New Orleans is the National WWII Museum. Here, you will get to see a collection of artifacts, interactive exhibits, and hear moving personal stories about the war.


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2. Gamble at Harrah's Casino

Test your luck at one of New Orleans' best casinos. You will have 115,000 square feet to explore filled with over 2,000 slot machines, over 90 table games, and a poker room.



Things to do in February

Get ready for the biggest party of the year, Mardi Gras! Grab your brightest beads and get ready to let loose at the city's craziest celebration. While you're in town, there are also plenty of other fun activities to help you recover from all of the fun drinks you're sure to be sipping on during the festivities.


3. Visit a Plantation


new orleans plantation tour


One the very best things you can do in New Orleans is go on a plantation tour. A great place to start when searching for a great tour is the Oak Alley and Laura Plantation Combo Tour where you will get to visit two of Louisiana's most famous plantations.


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4. Party at Mardi Gras

If you're in New Orleans in February, you have to experience the magic of Mardi Gras! You will want to check out the unforgettable parade, and explore the excitement of the city during the biggest party of the year.



Things to do in March

Experience the beautiful spring weather while going on adventures all around gorgeous New Orleans.


5. Cruise to the Sweet Sound of Jazz


new orleans jazz cruise


Enjoy the beautiful New Orleans sun and let the sweet sounds of jazz take you away while on a daytime cruise. The Steamboat Natchez Daytime Jazz Cruise is a great way to catch amazing views of the city, while also enjoying the city's only authentic steam-powered paddle wheeler.


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6. Hunt for Ghosts at a Cemetery Tour


new orleans nighttime haunted tour


The Big Easy is filled with spirits that you will definitely want to get to know up close and personal. One of the most unique experiences in the city is the 3-in-1 Cemetery, Voodoo, and French Quarter Tour where you will get to explore the French Quarter, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and Voodoo.


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Things to do in April

April is the perfect time to experience everything the French Quarter has to offer. You can do virtually any of the exciting activites that New Orleans is home to with the weather being relatively moderate this time of year.


7. Bug Out for a Day


new orleans insectarium


Going to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium is one of the best things you can do in New Orleans. You will get to view thousands of live and preserved specimens, including the captivating butterflies in the Asian Garden exhibit.


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8. Explore the French Quarter on a Carriage Ride


new orleans carriage ride


Taking a carriage ride in the French Quarter and surrounding Creole Neighborhoods is one of the most memorable activities you can do in New Orleans. You will get a narrated tour from your guide that will expose you to the most scenic, entertaining, and fact-filled sides of the city.


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9. Embrace the History of New Orleans


new orleans music tour


If you are looking for a way to learn more about the roots of the city, you should look into going on the History Riverland's and Soul River Music Tour. You will get to take a musical journey through African American history, while being surrounded by the former Cornland Plantation grounds.



Things to do in May

There are so many great outdoor adventures to go on in New Orleans. You will find some of the very best things you can do in New Orleans while planning your May vacation.


10. Get Spooked on a Haunted Pub Crawl


new orleans haunted pub crawl


If you want a spooky and fun night, make sure to check out the Haunted Pub Crawl Tour by Haunted History Tours on your next vacation. You will get to hear tons of ghost stories, while keeping your spirits high with famous drinks from the neighborhood pubs.


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11. Enjoy the City's Romance on a Nightime Cruise


new orleans nighttime cruise


If you want to add some magic to one of your evenings in New Orleans, you have to try out a nighttime cruise. The Steamboat Natchez plays host to a great sunset dinner cruise that even has live jazz music to really make your evening special.


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12. Fulfill your Need for Speed on an Airboat Tour


new orleans airboat tour


One of the must do activities in New Orleans is going on a swamp tour. Hop aboard a high-speed airboat and you will get to explore the wild swamps and bayous of south Louisiana. Get ready to see alligators, turtles, wild hogs, and more while speeding along the Louisiana landscape.


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Things to do in June

With the temperatures getting hotter, the opportunities to get out of your comfort zone on your New Orleans trip get even better!


13. NCIS New Orleans Site Tour


new orleans ncis walking tour


Who hasn't seen at least a few NCIS episodes? Take a New Orleans-themed NCIS walking tour and dive into the details of the most well-known set locations from the popular TV show.


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14. Enjoy the Chalmette Battlefield Tour


new orleans battlefield tour


Climb aboard the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler and enjoy one of the most iconic boat tours in New Orleans. You will enjoy historical narration about the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve, and tour the Chalmette Battlefield, while munching on some delicious local cuisine.


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15. Dive Under the Sea at the Aquarium


new orleans aquarium


One of the best things you can do in New Orleans is taking a trip to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. See penguins, sharks, and stingrays up close and personal. You will also get to experience the 400,000-gallon Gulf of Mexico exhibit during your visit.


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Things to do in July

Why not spend your summer vacation exploring the French Quarter and the surrounding areas? You will find great food, amazing culture, and beautiful scenery to enjoy.


16. Ogden Museum of Art

If you need to escape the New Orleans' sun and want to experience a more sophisticated side to the city, take a trip to the Ogden Museum of Art. Open seven days a week, this museum is home to beautiful pieces of artwork in its five-story glass and stone building.


17. Get to Know the French Quarter


new orleans french quarter tour


You can't come to the area and not spend some time exploring the beautiful French Quarter! You can definitely go by yourself, but a French Quarter Tour is a great way to learn all there is to know about the history, architecture, and culture of this special area.


18. Get your Workout On

Although New Orleans is known for its food, some of the most fun and unique workout classes and gyms can be found here. Try out a new way to burn off that gumbo from last night at Dancing Grounds, Reyn Studios, or Higherpower.



Things to do in August

Visiting New Orleans in August gives you a great opportunity to see the city in full bloom. You will definitely want to alternate between fun outdoor activities and cooling off with some fun indoor options.


19. Sightsee on a Bus Tour


new orleans Bus Tour


If you are looking for a fun and memorable way to do some sightseeing in New Orleans, make sure to book a spot on a New Orleans Double Decker Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. You will get to enjoy a tour from a local guide and can get off and back on the bus whenever you choose to further explore the area.


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20. Pedal Downtown on a Bike Tour


new orleans bike tour


There are just some things you can truly only explore by bicycle, and that goes for many parts of New Orleans. Hop on a cruise bicycle and peddle along with your educational tour guide, as you learn about the 300 years of history in the French Quarter.


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21. Set Sail in the Gulf


new orleans-yacht charter


Whether at sunset or during the day, you will definitely want to treat yourself to a sailing trip in New Orleans. Listen to the waves around your stunning sailboat, while you get to see the city from a completely new perspective.



Things to do in September

To avoid the crowds, you might want wait to take your vacation to New Orleans until after school starts back up again. For a great escape from your daily stresses, you should go enjoy some Creole-inspired food and delicious frozen drinks.


22. Learn about Hurricane Katrina


hurricane katrina bus tour


At the Hurricane Katrina Bus Tour, you will learn about the events surrounding the most devastating natural disaster on American soil. This guided tour will help you understand pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans.


23. Hang out with Animals at the Zoo


new orleans zoo


Take a break from your normal day-to-day life and spend some time with all of the amazing animals at the Audubun Zoo! You will find award winning exhibits, educational programs, hands-on encounters, and lush gardens at this must visit attraction.


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24. See a Show at a Local Theater

One of the best things you can do in New Orleans is see a performance or concert at one of the local theaters. The city is host to Broadway musicals, comedy shows, and numerous musical acts. Make sure to check the schedules for upcoming shows at the Saenger Theater, the Orpheum Theater, the Joy Theater, the Civic Theater, and many more before your next trip.



Things to do in October

New Orleans is home to spirits and Voodoo galore, so if you like to get a bit spooky, this could be the best place for your next October trip!


25. Get Spooked on a Nighttime Haunted Tour


new orleans ghost tour


There are few better cities to be in than New Orleans in October with all of its spooky history. Many believe that the city is home to tons of spirits and that Voodoo is strong in the area. On a nighttime haunted tour, you will learn all about the ghosts and spirits that call New Orleans home.


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26. Learn Dark Secrets on a True Crime Tour


new orleans true crime tour


If you're a true crime buff, or just want to learn about some of the darker sides of the city's history, you should book a true crime walking tour. You will get to learn about some of the most infamous true crimes in The French Quarter and learn some of the city's little-known secrets.


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Things to do in November

Before you head down south to The Big Easy, make sure to check out all of the best things you can do in New Orleans that will be fun even if it's a bit chilly on your trip.


27. Taste the Local Cuisine at a Food Demo


new orleans food demo


New Orleans is a true foodie town, so why not learn how to make some Creole and Cajun style cooking while you're there? A food demo is a terric way to learn how to cook specialities like Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Pralines. Plus, you will get to enjoy a full meal when the demo is over.


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28. Relax at a Spa

Take some time to pamper yourself at one of the area's many spas. Indulge in a pedicure, facial, or full body massage at Windsor Court, the Ritz Carlton, or Belladonna, just to name a few options.



Things to do in December

If you choose to go to New Orleans in December, you're in luck! Temperatures rarely drop below 45 degrees, so pack your light coat and prepare to experience a city who's fun never stops.


29. Explore Mardi Gras World


new orleans mardi gras world


So you can't make it down to Mardi Gras in February, or you just don't want the kids to see that wild side of New Orleans? No worries! Mardis Gras World is a family-friendly activity that is open year-round to the public. You will get to learn the history and magic behind one of the biggest celebrations in the country.


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30. Go on a Shopping Spree


New Orleans is home to some amazing shopping. If you want to keep warm, make sure to check out the stores located at the Shops at Canal Place or the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk to find some great items to take home to family and friends.



So, What's the Best Month to Visit New Orleans?

Now that you've seen the best things you can do in New Orleans by month, we'll let you decide when the best month to visit NOLA really is.

There is no end to the awesome things you can do in New Orleans, LA! No matter if you go in the dead of winter or the bright sunshine of summer, you are sure to have the most amazing time on your next vacation to The Big Easy.

No matter when you visit, make sure to check out all of the amazing activities in New Orleans for your next vacation!


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